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Omg the September issue just came in the mail it’s sooooooo amazing!!!! - Ruby T Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy girlies! How y’all doing?! - Violet Omg these mags are amazing - Antigone W I LOVE YOU GUYS KEEP IT UP GIRL BOSS - kayla Hello to keep up your cool 😎 mags best ever!! - Amaya These mags rock, keep it up! 🐺 - Ada F I wish my mum would let me buy them! ('n') - Jemi B I absolutely love Total Girl! - Lily L These mags are pretty much the only thing that keeps me occupied for a long period of time, my fave bits are, Totally Embarrassing, Girl Talk and of course Pet Gazzette - Annabelle I I LOVE YOUR MAGS in capitals!! XOXO - kayla

are you afraid of the dark