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i love love love them - lily i love yous - Baylee Big thanks to total girl never stop making your mags - Evelyn B hi T-Girls! i realy hope I get the Flow Foldable Scooter, because I don't have any Scooters because i have grown out of them but I hope I will get this Scooter so i can ride it to my school! xoxo best wishes - jessica Hi, I love your mages I just signed up for your prizes! just hope i get the Flow Foldable Scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - jessica I love these mags sooo Much! - Harriet I love your mags my fav is the totally embarrassing I have been collecting your mags since 2019! - Savannah I love these mags sooo Much! - Harriet I love these mags sooo Much! - Harriet I love these mags sooo Much! - Harriet
The Total Girl Candy Quest solutions!

The Total Girl Candy Quest solutions!

Did you find all these items in the April 2022 mag?!

SPOILERS: These are the answers to the Total Girl Candy Quest on page 17 of the April 2022 mag. We hid 10 pieces of candy throughout the issue! Did you find all 10? 

Check your answers with the page numbers below!

How many did you find? Let us know in the comments!


For more fun puzzles and activities, don't forget to pick up a copy of the May issue out now! Retail copies come with a FREE Unicorn Poop It POP! 

Click here for a sneak peek of the May mag!


Annabelle S
12/7/2022 2:13:20 AM
I found one
2/5/2022 2:20:48 PM
i found all of them
25/4/2022 11:23:12 AM
Lol I only found eight! I’m gonna be honest it was pretty hard:)
23/4/2022 10:58:26 AM
It took me a week for me to find all the lollies but it was totally worth it! Thanks for putting it in this mag, it was soo much fun!
19/4/2022 10:51:22 AM
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