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your mags are soo awesome!!!!! - lilly l love to watch Desendants l love sofia carson shes the best shes a good singer everey body likes dove but l like sofia carson desendants is the best movie - abby OMG I LUUUUV TOTAL GIRL!!!!!!! It’s sooooo inspiring. - Josie A BIG THANKS TO MY BESTIE IZZY! I MISS YOU SO MUCH. BUM HOLE - Millie I love your mags! Keep up the good work! - Charlotte Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your mags ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Joslyn TOTAL GIRL IS THE BEST HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS TG TEAM :) - Georgia i <3 TG - Sophie I give a shout out to my friends. They are so nice! <3 - lucyyyy can you please and more stuff to the embarrsing page love your mags! - penelope
Teen Titans Go... SPOOKY! Spot the Difference (SPOILER! Answers revealed!)

Teen Titans Go... SPOOKY! Spot the Difference (SPOILER! Answers revealed!)

Did you spot all 9 differences on page 75?

👻 BOO! Did we scare you? 👻

Muwahahaha it's time for all things spooky with the November mag! But have no fear, The Teen Titans are here to save the day. But something is a little off with the two pics found on page 75 in the November issue... 

🎃 Did you spot all nine differences? Check below if you were able to spot them all! And comment our fave Teen Titan! 🎃

For more fun puzzles, pick up a copy of the new mag! The November issue of Total Girl magazine is out now and comes with a FREE Unicorn Fidget POP! 

Click here for a sneak peek! 



I got all of them yay! 😁
13/12/2021 8:29:14 PM
I got them all!
26/11/2021 7:40:31 PM
Hey yeah i got all of the
15/11/2021 1:04:12 PM
I got all of them except the green dudes tooth
12/10/2021 9:26:46 AM
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