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My fave Grace VanderWaal song is

My fave Grace VanderWaal song is

My fave Grace VanderWaal song is
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My fave Grace VanderWaal song is
So Much More Than This
I Don't Know My Name

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I just heard the song 'Moonlight' and it sounds great! She's a goood singer! ❤👍
18/10/2021 2:40:28 PM
OMG I don’t know my name is the best grace vanderwall song ever
26/9/2021 5:45:08 PM
Love star girl she’s so cool also the movie is!!😆😆🌈🌈❤️❤️
11/7/2021 4:30:49 PM
U should watch Star Girl on Disney+
7/7/2021 7:13:48 PM
grace is so my idol and i LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!! but her original song i dont know my name u can see her on americas got talent shes amazing omg!!!
7/3/2021 4:17:17 PM
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