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Google Like a Pro!

Google Like a Pro!

How to get maximum value from a search engine
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Although the search engine might seem simple enough, if you know how to use it properly than you can get the best out of your search.
Some key things to remember are that if you want words to go into Google the exact way you type them, then make sure you put quotation marks around them.
Searching for more than one thing
If you want to search more than one thing at once, but don't want the search linking them together, place a capital OR in between the words, such as Cody Simpson OR Justin Bieber OR Miley Cyrus.
Widening your search
If you want to broaden your search, add an astrix next to the word, for example, happy* could also search for happiness and words associated with it. You can also try using the advanced search when you're confident! Happy Googling!


Wow! It works!
10/10/2015 12:16:05 AM
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