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Crystal clear | (SPOILER) Bingle Bands Answers Revealed!

Crystal clear | (SPOILER) Bingle Bands Answers Revealed!

Did you find the diamonds in the rough? Check your answers!

💎 Hi TGs! 💎

The absolutely gorgeous Bingle Bands are the hottest DIY accessory out and of course, we had to make a fun activity to match it! Who doesn't love a little fun, games and glam?

We added a fun activity in the November 2021 issue, out now! Find the activity on page 29!

✨ Check below to see if you got all the answers correct! GOOD LUCK!  ✨

For more fun puzzles, pick up a copy of the new mag! The November issue of Total Girl magazine is out now and comes with a FREE Unicorn Fidget POP! 

Click here for a sneak peek! 



I am wearing the bingle band that I created and it’s stunning!!!!!!
19/10/2021 11:32:34 AM
12/10/2021 9:25:40 AM
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