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Creepy crafts! Ghostly paper folding bonus activity

Creepy crafts! Ghostly paper folding bonus activity

A Boo-tiful craft to lift your Halloween spirit!

Hi TGs! 

It's almost the season of all things spooktacular! In the November issue, page 35, we featured a happy spirit pal! You can make your own ghostly ghoul with the instructions below. 

Comment "👻" if you completed it! 

For more fun puzzles and activities, pick up a copy of the new mag! The November issue of Total Girl magazine is out now and comes with a FREE Unicorn Fidget POP! 

Click here for a sneak peek! 



It was really fun and cool
27/10/2021 5:40:37 PM
👻 it was SO fun and simple!
14/10/2021 8:14:17 PM
I have done it. It is AWEEESSOOOMMMEE!!!!!
14/10/2021 12:31:25 PM
👻 I did this as soon as I got the mag! Soooo easy
11/10/2021 1:18:28 PM
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