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Hiii just saying my mum and my nana are the best :) - EllaRose your mags are soo awesome!!!!! - lilly hi - Mykayle I love TG. I read them all the time and can never stop reading them. Never stop making your mags. - Annie OMTG I LOVE your magazines! They are amazing and I am always excited to read them! Bye! Keep up the good work! - Charlotte Shout out to my best friends Poppy and Deniz. - Zara I love total girl - Jamie I love your mags sooo much. My fav celeb is Dove Cameron and love her role mal in descendants. I’m really looking forward to Decedents the royal wedding - Annie l love to watch Desendants l love sofia carson shes the best shes a good singer everey body likes dove but l like sofia carson desendants is the best movie - abby ~✨✨Stay safe and healthy!! Go get some excercise and drink LOTS and LOTS of water!! <33 ✨✨~ - Carrie <3
Celeb guess who?

Celeb guess who?

Match each star to the clues that fit them! Grab a pencil and piece of paper to record your answers. For more fun puzzles, quizzes and activities, don't forget to pick up the newest Total Girl magazine, out now!




1. C, 2. E, J and K, 3. L, 4. G, H and I, 5. D, 6. A and B, 7. E, F and N, 8. C and M, 9. N, 10. J and K, 11. M, 12. G and I.



So cool
18/12/2021 10:16:55 AM
Ariana Grande was 16 when she started Victorious, btw! It's one of my fave TV shows!! :D
18/10/2021 1:05:23 PM
I Can't believe Talor Swift has the same birthday as me!!!!
15/10/2021 9:21:38 AM
love it😍😍
11/10/2021 5:17:48 PM
Guess how old I am pls! If u get it write, I will give u a hug 🤗 I have TikTok and YouTube. If u want to subscribe to my channel on YouTube, it is Mia & Friends. Pls subscribe and I might do a giveaway!
9/10/2021 3:35:34 PM
Wow-I had no idea about these things until I read it all!
18/9/2021 8:51:01 PM
I got all of these quiz answers right as well😀
8/9/2021 12:02:24 PM
I thought A was 2!! Lol
5/9/2021 8:34:59 AM
Yay I got them all right!
3/9/2021 1:01:48 PM
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