Back To School Excitement!

by Jessie | Jan 21, 2016

Hi TGs!

OK, so do you know what I love about the end of the holidays and going back to school most? OBVIOUSLY getting to see all my friends and my fave teachers! But I also LOVE getting organised for the new year!

Mum, Holly and I all went shopping together the other day to get our school supplies! I decided to get a 2016 diary so I can put in all my homework and the fun stuff I’m gonna try after school – plus there’s EVEN a section at the back where I can write all my goals!

We’ve totally decided to play a fun game at home too – we made a HUUUGE poster that has a calendar of the year and have colour-coordinated our schedules! Every time Holly, Mum or I finish something we’re proud of, we get to put a BIG gold star sticker on the poster next to our names and at the end of the year, whoever has the most gets to choose their fave restaurant to go to and celebrate together!

Jessie's blog school musical

PLUS, I just remembered that this year, my school is starting a new program – they’re putting on a school musical!! I’m not the best at singing, but I reckon it could be SO much fun to get involved – maybe as a dancer or even doing behind the scenes stuff! I’m totally gonna try it out!!

But I really wanna know… what are you most excited about for going back to school? Tell me in the comments below!

I’m gonna try and start writing more updates so tell me if you want to hear about anything in particular!

Until next time,



  1. 30 Aisah 21 Jan
    I'm exited going back to school because I'll be in HIGH SCHOOL!!! So it's my chance to make new friends and meet new teachers!! Also buying new books and stationary, giving my backpack a makeover!!! But the BEST thing going back to school is, meeting my BFF'S , I miss them soooo much!!! For like WEEKS!!!
  2. 29 Jessica 21 Jan
    I'm excited to go back to school because I really miss my friends and we are in different classes this year. Also because I have a  new teacher. I am really excited because I am starting ballet and I am soooooo going to master ballet. :)
  3. 28 Soul Surfer 21 Jan
    Thanks for updating the blog Jessie!
    I love the new smiggle, seeing my BFF's, and inter school sport!!
  4. 27 Amber 21 Jan
    I'm excited to go back to school because: I can't wait see all of my friends, I'm going to be in year 6, another year in the school concert band playing the clarinet and school choir and also I'm going to start piano lessons after school.
  5. 26 Sophie 21 Jan
    I am excited because this year I am going to have a go at the winter knitting club! I also want to be more involved in the fundraising. Not to mention, I have an excellent teacher, my friends, and a whole hep of new stationery. That excites me, LOL!
  6. 25 Charlotte 22 Jan
    I REALLY want to go back to school so I can brainstorm ideas to painfully bore my peers... MWA HAHAHA
  7. 24 Lovato 23 Jan
    OMG, I LOVE your blog post Jessie! I'm SUPER excited about starting High School, learning new things espesh Digital Tech (I get to make my own computer game and website!), making new friends (I was shy last year but I'm gonna be more out-going this year), becoming a fash/beauty/entertainment blogger, and acheiving ALL of my goals! 
    I hope you guys have an AMAZE 2016!!!
  8. 23 Natalie 23 Jan
    I'm excited about going back to school is playing with my friends and learn so much new things. It's very, very boring at home. 
  9. 22 Sophie Kate 23 Jan
    I'm so excited to go back to school because I just school and this year we get to use iPads!!!
  10. 21 Anika 24 Jan
    I'm really excited for drama club, choir and being organised.❤️👍🏻🎀💕❤️👍🏻🎀💕😍
  11. 20 Indy 25 Jan
    I REALLY  want to go back to school to see all my annoying friends and most of all i want to see my fav teachers and also to see what teacher i have this year

  12. 19 Imandi 26 Jan
    Hey Jessie so glad to find your blog post. Love reading them.
    xx immy
  13. 18 Eiiza 29 Jan
    I'm excited about going back to school because I'll be in GRADE 6 so I can be a captain!!!!
  14. 17 Jessie 02 Feb
    Hi guys, thanks SO much for your comments - I love that you're all trying new exciting things this year too!! Stay tuned because I have an update to share with you really soon xx
  15. 16 Cassie 03 Feb
    CAMP, CAMP, CAAAAAAAAAAAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 15 sky-lily 14 Feb
    my birthday was on the 21st of January!
  17. 14 Sahrel 02 May
    When I start 6th grade after summer I'm going to be sooo excited to make new friends. This year me and my best friends Iyanah and Charnae were sorta in a group. Also at the end of the year were having a fifth grade dance.
  18. 13 Reia 02 May
    I have already started school but I love my friends,teacher and my subjects
  19. 12 Lily 16 May
    I'm excited because I get to go to a new school!
  20. 11 Jasmine 18 Jun
    Im soo excited to go to high school next year :)


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