My Sister's Birthday!

by Jessie | Jun 18, 2015



Guess what! It’s my sister's birthday next week and I cannot think of a present that's just super WOW. She’s turning 15 and really likes hair stuff, magazines, riding on her scooter and animals. I've had some cool ideas but I really need your help on this! I'm gonna write my three coolest ideas here, and then you can either choose one of them or tell me YOUR cool idea. Sound good? Here we go!

Jessie's Blog Total Girl Wildlife Park

1. A day at a wildlife park.

Holly really loves all animals, but she SUPER LOVES baby animals. So I thought maybe I get her a pass to a local wildlife park where she can pat baby kangaroos and stuff

2. New scooter wheels

I found these amazing ones that flash lights when they move, and I think she will think they are ADORBS. They’re a bit expensive but Mum said if I really want to get them for her she would pay the extra money.

3. A DIY hair kit

I found this super cool DIY in one of my TG mags where you stick cute stuff to hair clips to make them really pretty and fun. I thought I could do heaps of these in different designs and put them in a pretty box labeled “Holly’s Hair Things”.


So these are my ideas. I like them all but I almost like them TOO much and can't decide between them! Let me know in the comments which one is your fave, or if you have an even COOLER idea!


Love Jessie x


  1. 32 Aman 19 Jun
    You should get Holly the 3rd one, but you could add more stuff to the box like a hairbrush and a hair tie pack. 
  2. 31 Samantha 19 Jun
    You should give her a DIY hair clips because it can make you pretty.
  3. 30 Hayley 20 Jun
    Hay Jessie I like the one were you  can take your sister to a wildlife centre so she can see all the super cute  animals I think it will be super fun 

    ps I love your blog you inspire me so much
  4. 29 Shae 21 Jun
    hi Jess I think your 1st idea sounds great to me 
    have fun on what ever your doing 
    xox Shae 
  5. 28 Teresa 22 Jun
    You should give her the 1st or last one and you could also give her TG mags i'm sure she will love those
  6. 27 Erin 26 Jun
    jessie i think you should take her to the zoo and buy her a cute little notebook to write down the zoo experiences
  7. 26 Madi 29 Jun
    Hair kit...
  8. 25 Jessie 01 Jul
        Wow guys! These are all such great ideas and comments! Thanks so much. I think I'm gonna go with the animal park, coz we were watching tv and there was a cute koala in an ad and Holly was going on and on about how cute it was!
  9. 24 Kyla 01 Jul
    I think you should give her the 2nd one because I love hair and I think you should give her that

             P.S. I love your blog i read it everyday 
  10. 23 Fatima 02 Jul
    WOW! these are all good ideas, but if i was your sis i would go go for a present thats all what she likes! how about super cool animal prints to stick on her scooter and some animal head bands like cat ears. You can also get her to go to the wildlife centre, that sounds super cool!
  11. 22 Summer 03 Jul
    you should take her to America
  12. 21 Taylah 05 Jul
    I think you should take her to the wildlife centre seeing how much she goes on and on about baby animals or the DIY hair kit that looks really cool
  13. 20 Bridget 05 Jul
    Wow i think those are great ideas but i think you should give her the last one it sounds like really great fun and if she likes hair things it would be super fun and look super great.
  14. 19 Taylah 08 Jul
    I think for sure the wildlife centre as baby animals are totes cute
  15. 18 Natasha 16 Jul
    Hey Jessie love your blogs I think you should pamper her give her a massage do her hair and do her nails also convince  your parents to go to the zoo xoxo Natasha
  16. 17 Piper 18 Jul
    I think you should give her a day at the wildlife park but maybe also give her a book or some make-up as well!!!
  17. 16 Jessica 20 Jul
    I think you should do her hair in her fav style and go to the wild life animal park, and then go on a scooter or bike ride!!! It will be a day to remember!!! : )
  18. 15 Francesca 25 Jul
    I always give people ideas and I think you should get her hair chalk and if you don't know that is it's a chalk that you can put through your hair and it makes your hair different coloured until you wash it out or one of those robotic birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  19. 14 Jess 28 Jul
    I think you should go with the animal park. It sounds like she really likes them! :)
  20. 13 Megan 28 Jul
    Hey jes u should get her the 3rd one but that's my opinion...she may like the 1st one the best also hv fun and enjoy


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