Winter Adventures!

by Jessie | May 26, 2015

Hi guys!


Brrrr how cold is it now! I finally packed away all my summer clothes and it made me so sad. No more swims at the beach! No taking Cotton for a run after school coz now it’s too dark!


But even though there are all these really sad things about winter, I still kinda love it. I mean I DON'T love being cold all the time. But how fun is it when Mum makes you hot chocolate, and you can lie on the couch all rugged up in a blanket watching Disney movies! That’s my favourite thing to do in winter. My kitten Chloe loves to jump on me and nuzzle herself into my neck too when I’m lying on the couch, which makes it even better.

Winter Adventures Jessie's Blog

Also, this year my Mum and Dad are taking Holly and me to the snow for a week! I've never been to the snow, can you believe it? Mum and Dad don’t really like it, they really love summer and all our holidays before have been to warm places like Fiji and Queensland. But this year Holly begged and begged to go to the snow, and they said yes! I’m really excited because Dad said they have tobogganing, and we get to go to this ski school where they teach you how to snowboard or ski, which sounds really cool. Mum told me we have to borrow all these special snow clothes, like puffy jackets and gloves – I’m gonna take so many funny pictures of me and Holly bundled up like snowmen!


We can’t take Cotton and Chloe though, so they are going to a special animal holiday place. Dad showed us pics on the Internet – they get their own special bedrooms! And Cotton has this huge paddock to run around in, he’s gonna have so much fun, even though I’ll be really sad to not see him for a whole week.


Have you guys ever been to the snow? What did you think? And what’s your favourite thing about winter? Let me know in the comments!


Love Jessie x


  1. 13 lily 02 Jun
    hi Jessie I checked out your blog in total girl and the internet I think your blog is really cool i hope you had fun at the snow ive been to the snow its a blast hope you had fun and send me a picture bye
  2. 12 Mia 07 Jun
    yes i have been to the snow. i thought the snow was brilliant because we went tobogganing it was so much fun.My fav thing about winter is reading in front of the fire and listening to the rain. 
  3. 11 lexi 10 Jun
    Hey Jessie love your blog! I've been to the snow before, hope you loved it!
    From Lexi
  4. 10 Amelia 14 Jun
     HI Jessie! It's been one CRAZY winter this year! I definitely LOVE being snug up on my couch by the toasty fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate in my hands. Yes I've been in the snow... A LOT. Living in New England you're used to all of it. I LOVE playing in the snow and making snow angels with my brother is BLAST!  My absolute FAVORITE thing in winter is getting Christmas preparations done. Winter's such a magical season!
  5. 9 Madi 16 Jun
    yes i have been to the snow with my cousins/uncles it was very fun and my fav thing about winter is my birthday because my birthday is in June. I hope you had fun at the snow jessie!!!. From Madi
  6. 8 Claudia 17 Jun
    i don't really like winter cause I won't get out of bed. And in Australia we have no snow 😰❄️⛄️
    But I have heard the that the snow is fun have fun Jessie! 
  7. 7 Summer 30 Jun
    Hi Jessie,
    I haven't been to the snow but I really want to go. During Winter I like to have hot chocolate and watch my favourite movies and ones I haven't seen.
    Bye Jessie
    From Summer
  8. 6 sophie 22 Jul
    I go skiing 2 times a year coz my dad  is a member of a place at Mt buller.if you  have never been skiing before then you should totes try it! Its so fun and really easy.
  9. 5 Charli 17 Nov
    I have been to the snow loads of times because my grandparents live in the country and it snows in the winter and once I went to ski school too!!! I love the snow. The best part of winter is the snow, because it is so beautiful and fun, and  I also love bundling up with my sisters and having movie marathons over warm hot chocolates! AND I LOVE HAVING CAMP FIRES AT MY GRANDPARENT'S FARM!!!!! But I prefer Summer because of the nice weather and the beach!!
  10. 4 Surfer Girl 16 Dec
    I've been to the snow it was awesome, my puppy Cujo (he's a rottweiler) was running around like crazy!!LOL! My fave thing about Winter is the snowball fights and when we roast marshmellows over a campfire with my besties! I like Summer the best as well Charli.Surfing,swimming and volleyball and boogie boarding with my besties!!
  11. 3 Jessie 17 Dec
    You guys, thanks for sharing all your stories!! I love summer too, I can't decide which one I like the best! Can't wait to get to the beach in the holidays...stay tuned for a new blog!
  12. 2 ella 20 Jan
    cool sounds like fun jessie
  13. 1 Grace 16 Jan
    Wow jessi that sounds so cool also so cold


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