Dress Ups!

by Jessie | Oct 27, 2014

So the girls and I had the best idea evaaaa! Remember how I cleaned up my room over the school break and organised my wardrobe to look like a rainbow? After that, I had a heap of odd clothes (that I just never wear or have grown out of) sitting in a box my mum labeled 'Throw Out'. When I told the girls at school that I still had the box - which I had actually shoved under my bed and hoped to forget about - we came up with so many great ideas! Catherine suggested that we take it to the local charity. Jane said that we could try and re-use some of the garments to make totes unique, second-hand outfits. I thought they were great ideas so I suggested we give them BOTH a try! 

The girls came over to my house after school on Friday and we set to it! Catherine collected the clothes that would be perfect just as they were and would hopefully be loved by the next lucky wearer. Jane got to sorting through all the other bits and pieces that would be super cool with a little tweaking. She even brought some of her own left-over fabrics her mum saved after their dress-making sessions! It was the best Friday afternoon ever! We had a blast making awesome new outfits. It's amazing what a little imagination (and glitter) can do to an old pair of jeans! We could totes become fashion designers! LOL!

Oh, and before I forget...
Mum drove me to the charity the next morning and we gave them a huge bag of those extra clothes Catherine sorted out. They were so grateful and I felt like we had done a really great deed. Mum agreed and said that it's always the best feeling to help others in need! It was then that I resolved to find ways to do it more often. 

What have you done to help others? I would love to get a couple ideas from fellow TG readers! Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!
Jessie  xxx



  1. 23 Emma 27 Oct
    Love the fashion girls!! Wish I could wear them!!!
  2. 22 Emma 29 Oct
    Love the fashion girls! I wish i could wear The costume on the right hand side
  3. 21 Rebecca 30 Oct
    Hey Jessie,
    Sooo Cool. I wish I was there.
    From Rebecca
  4. 20 Georgia 31 Oct
    COOL! i wanna do that whole making old clothes into celebrity cloths even though i donate every day.
  5. 19 Antonia T 02 Nov
    so cool GO JESSIE!!!

  6. 18 Caydence 03 Nov
    OMG me too
  7. 17 Annika 05 Nov
    Awesome, I love Angie's outfit!
  8. 16 Aggie 09 Nov
    Loving the outfits Jess? I definitly do (-;
    Also I have done something to help the community... old toy donations!
  9. 15 Nikita 09 Nov
    I wish I had yours and your Friends clothes that are black and red. :-)
  10. 14 noorain 14 Nov
    Giving out the clothes for charity is a really good thing to do because it is better than just throwing out the old clothes in your closet. BTW I really like the pic that you guys posted!! toats adorable
  11. 13 tanika 16 Nov
    looking good
  12. 12 Kirra 24 Nov
  13. 11 lexi 28 Nov
    so cute!  what have i done to help others?  well  im getting ready for a white christmas, by shoveling my neighbors yards.  OH!  and speaking of a white christmas last night i bought my sister her gift!  I LOVE WINTER! CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT POST
  14. 10 Cherie 29 Nov
    OMTG! I luv fashion girls!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 9 Ashleigh Scott 02 Dec
    I LOVE your blog! Your fashion girls are incredeble.
  16. 8 Sylvie 12 Dec
    Can you give me some friendship tips please Jessie?  Right now I'm having trouble with friends.  Btw I love reading your blog and it's cool seeing what you're up to. :)
  17. 7 Amalee 12 Dec
    Awesome dress ups! You guys look great!
  18. 6 Jahna 14 Dec
    i like your total girl website its cool
  19. 5 Mikayla 15 Dec
    Love the clothes and awesome hair. YOLO #LOL
  20. 4 Shakaya 18 Dec
    OMG love your clothes jessie so your style 

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