Sarah, TG’s resident big sister, is off having adventures elsewhere and can’t answer any more questions. But feel free to read her archived answers.

  • Big Sister Advice

    by Sarah | Jul 16, 2015

    Hey TGs!


    It’s been a busy month over at GFHQ! I’m about to travel around Australia to meet all of the GF readers at our big Model Search event. I’m sooo excited to meet everyone and I hope one day I get to meet you, too! In other big news, I bought some silver glitter shoes that I can't wait to wear – I feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!


    But enough about me and on to YOUR questions, coz that’s what I’m here for:


    Q: How do you manage doing chores, doing schoolwork and spending time with friends and family – and also have time to yourself? I am sooo busy. Reah, 10


    A: Hey Reah!

    Oh I know, balance is sooo hard! One thing that always helps me is writing a list. You can ask a parent to help if you like. Write down all the things that you want to do and schedule some time for all of it – even the stuff that might seem silly like watching your fave TV show! If you allocate a certain amount of time for everything and stick to your schedule you’ll find you can get to everything. Just remember to have fun and make time for the things you really love, because that stuff is super important, too.


    Q: Hi, I’m a big sister as well. I have two little sisters! Double the trouble! How did you deal with your siblings when they annoyed you? Alex, 12


    A: Hey Alex,

    I have three younger siblings and I definitely get you! The truth is, there’ll always be times when people annoy you, whether they’re your siblings or not. Sometimes you just have to have a breather and get some space. Whether that’s reading on your own or going for a walk outside, sometimes being alone can clear your head. Also, ask yourself why you’re annoyed. Is it because they want to play all the time or borrow your stuff? Remember one of the cool things about being a big sister is that your younger siblings look up to you and want to be like you. What you see as annoying is probably them wanting to be like you. And really, that’s kinda sweet!

    Q: I share a room with two of my brothers. We have one bed each so it is very crammed. There is no room for any of my stuff. How can I maximise my space and still have a cool room? Aimee, 12

    A: Hey Aimee,

    I totally get it! I used to share a room with my sister too! We had very different taste so it wasn’t always very fun. What I did, was ask my mum if I could pick out a cool doona cover for my bed and a few pillows as well. That way, every time I went to sleep I felt like I was covered in my own little world! If that’s too expensive ask if it’s ok to hang a picture board on one of the bedroom walls, and pin on all the things you love – cards, posters, TG covers! – so you’ve always got something of yours to look at that’s just yours.

    Don't forget to ask me your questions here!

    Sarah xx
  • Friendships, Family and the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!

    by Sarah | May 11, 2015

    Hey TGs!

    First of all I wanted to say thank you SO much for being so nice to me in my very first blog. You’ve already made me feel so welcome and totes **warm and fuzzy**. I know IRL we’d be great friends, too. Which leads me to what I want to chat about: friends. I’ve got a lot of friends – some are even boys! But you know, sometimes friendships can be tricky.


    I met my first best friend when I was in year one. Her name was Sally and she was SO cool because she had this jumper with dancing cats on it, but also because she was really talented at arts and crafts and that was pretty much my favourite thing. Things got tricky when we had another bestie enter the group and I was a bit jealous that Sally wasn’t all mine anymore. But, after dealing with the annoyed feels, I realised that Sally was too awesome not to share and I’d just gained a friend to add to my squad so really, it wasn’t all that awful! And you know what? Not letting my jealousy take over means I didn’t lose Sally as a friend. In fact, we’re all still great mates even all these years later! Win!


    This month I was also lucky enough to have another bestie – my sister Lilly – come visit me from Adelaide. We had so much fun!!! We climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, got some rad nail art done and ate so much ice-cream I swear I started to look like one. Have a look at our pics!

    Sarah and Lilly Bridge 

    Sarah Lilly Nails

    Icecream N2

    I’m off to edit this month’s issue of Girlfriend now, but don’t forget to send me your questions and comments – I love to hear from you!


    Love and ice-cream sundaes

    Big sister,


    Questions from TGs!

    People treat me differently and try to joke about my acne on my face. They are just trying to be funny but it always hurts. What should I do about it?

    Dakota, 11

    I’m so sorry to hear that Dakota. People can be really mean sometimes. What’s really unfair is that skin conditions aren't something you can help so it makes it even more hurtful. Sometimes people don’t realise how mean they’re being or even that you’re upset. So you may actually need to tell them that. Try saying, “That’s really hurtful and makes me feel bad”, and see what their reaction is. If they’re a genuine person, once they know you’re upset they should stop the teasing. However, if they continue this is a form of bullying and you need to tell a trusted adult like Mum, Dad or a teacher. They’ll be able to help. There are so many celebrities grew up with acne, like Miley Cyrus and Emma Stone and look at them now! Trust me, it won’t be forever.  And remember we think you’re amazing just as you are. **Hugs**


    What is it like being the Editor of Girlfriend?

    Kristyn, 12

    Oh hey Kristyn! This is an easy question! Think of your favourite thing to do. Then add ice-cream. Then add a bunch of your best friends, some chocolate and lots of laughing. Then times that by a million and you get the idea of how much fun it is to work at GF!!! Everybody who works here is SUPER creative and loves what they do. But most of all GF readers are so inspirational and awesome – they’re the best and we love them! I mean, it’s actually our job to discuss One Direction and 5S0S and to play with clothes and beauty products – what could be better than that? But the best part is hanging out and chatting to our readers and knowing we’re creating the best magazine possible for them. Plus there are ALWAYS sweets. ALWAYS.


    If you don't like a girl who your BFF is best friends with, what do you do?

    Olivia, 10

    Hey Olivia! You don’t say why you don’t like this other girl but I always think asking yourself that question is a good place to start. Is she mean? Does she not like the same things as you? Or do you not like that she is taking time away from you and you BFF, just like what happened with Sally and I? Unless she’s outright mean or a bully, there’s not a lot you can do about it without risking your friendship, sadly. If you interfere your BFF might get annoyed that you’re meddling and it could cause trouble with you two (which would be the worst!). I would suggest changing the way you think about the new girl. Try finding something that you both have in common and starting a conversation with her. I mean, obviously you both have great taste in besties and your friend must like her for a reason! You might find she’s not so bad after all and better yet, you could gain another friend!


    My bestie and my friend are starting to get really close, but I feel like I'm being left out – they even made a secret handshake! What should I do?

    Rachelle, 10

    I totally get this Rachelle – this is exactly what happened to me! It’s really hard when your duo becomes a trio, but the thing is: you can’t deny anyone the awesomeness of making new friends. If they’re making you feel excluded they may not even know they’re doing it, so first, mention it to your bestie so that she knows how you feel, but don’t accuse her – talk about how YOU feel. If she’s a true friend she’ll listen to your concerns.


    Remember, as you grow up your friendships – and your besties - will change as your interests and hobbies change. Like, say you decide to join the soccer team – but your BFF is into dance - you’ll still be friends, but you’ll make other friends who like soccer as much as you. It’s a good time to open your circle of friends and maybe connect with some other girls who share some of the same interests as you. Know you can’t own people but if you have a true friendship, you will continue to be friends even when other people come along. Learning to share your bestie is hard, but it if you’re really good friends it won’t affect your friendship in the end – just look at Sally and I! 

  • New Kid In School

    by Sarah | Mar 20, 2015
    Hi TGs,

    This is my first time to the TG site – I’m like the new kid in school. I’m really excited and a little bit nervous but I really love making new friends – even more than I love hot chips – and they’re like my favourite thing in the WORLD. So, hi! I’m Sarah, the editor of Girlfriend mag, which is kinda like Total Girl’s older sister. I’m going to be hanging out here from now on, answering all your questions like a big sister would (cause I also happen to be one! IRL!). And since I think we’re going to be awesome friends, and friends tell each other stuff, I thought I’d share a few things about me to get us started:

    Sarah and Lilly

    - I have a gigantic family. Well, maybe not that gigantic, but I am one of five kids! I have an older sister, Kylie, then two younger brothers, Josh and Sam, and my little sister Lilly (that’s her in this pic!) They’re all super fun, even if they can be annoying sometimes ;)


    - My best subject at school was English but all I ever wanted to do was write stories. I used to spend lunchtime working on a novel called “Leo the Lion” which was about my fave toy.

    - If I could have any pet in the world, I’d have a unicorn. Unicorns are magical and can fly. I imagine me and my pet unicorn (who I’ll name Sparkles, because I love things that sparkle) flying all over the world together.

    - My fave colour is glitter! Ok, that’s not a colour, but everything looks better with glitter, right? I also love yellow because it’s bright and sunny like I always try to be.

    - My favourite thing about TG is that it makes me LOL. Plus, TG readers are the BEST.

    - Taylor Swift is my imaginary celeb bestie. I met her one time and she was really, really tall. Like, really tall. She could almost lean on my head! But I love her songs, and her clothes and the fact that she really loves her fans and her BFFs. She’s just all-round super awesome.

    Questions from TGs:

    Did you have such a good fashion sense when you were in primary school? Paige, 11

    OMTG no way! I lived in the country so we didn’t have cool shops nearby. I mostly wore hand-me-downs from my big sis! I always loved fashion though, so I learned to be creative and made some really cool things from DIYs I saw in mags – just like in TG. I see fashion as another way to express yourself, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.


    My two besties have been ignoring me, and whenever we have an assignment they pretend I'm not even there and get into a group, without even asking me. Is there anything I can do? April, 11

    Oh April, I’m so sorry that you’re having a bad time with your besties. That’s not cool. And honestly, they don’t seem like they’re being very good friends right now. I would suggest trying to talk to one of them alone and telling them how you feel. Say something like “I’m feeling really left out at the moment… have I done something to upset you?” And see what she says. If you don’t have any luck and the way they act towards you doesn’t change, perhaps think about whether you really want people like that as your friends. There are so many great people out there to meet, so start by introducing yourself to someone you haven’t spoken to before. You never know, your new bestie could be right there!