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Unboxing: NEW Blingle Bands Friendship Bracelets!

Checkout the coolest new craze!

Hey TGs!

It's Rosie here and I am SO excited to be unboxing the new Blingle Bands Friendship Bracelets with you! If you've picked up a copy of our October or November mag, you'll know Blingle Bands are the newest craze here at TG HQ. I LOVE the idea of creating something you can wear, and each design you make can be totally unique! 

Help me unbox the Blingle Bands Deluxe Studio and create a gem bracelet for my BFF!

For more glam fun, grab a copy of the November issue of Total Girl magazine out now - retail copies come with a FREE Unicorn Fidget Pop! 😍 🦄

Click here for a sneak peek. 

Blingle Bands Gem Friendship Bracelets are out now! 💕

Who would you create your friendship bracelet for? Let us know in the comments! 👇

Love, Rosie xo

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