Unicorn ThermaColour

by Laura | Mar 14, 2018

Hey TGs!


OMG, you are not going to BELIEVE what arrived today!!! Spoiler: It’s probs the most magical package that has ever been delivered, like, EVER! It is seriously as if someone crawled inside my brain and brought my daydreams to life… Can. Not. Deal.


OK so the package came in the form of a unicorn piñata – yes, a UNICORN PIÑATA! So it was off to a cracking start. (Full disclosure: you could put pretty much anything inside a unicorn piñata and I’m going to be well impressed.) It was obvs way too pretty to beat with the stick, so I carefully opened it from the bottom. Colourful confetti poured out like little drops of heaven, and inside was a small parcel wrapped in brown paper... The suspense was almost too much. And do you know what was inside??? It was a bunch of samples of the new Unicorn ThermaColour range from BRITE!

Now I know what you’re thinking – not worth all the hype, right? WRONG! This new washout hair chalk is unlike any chalk you’ve ever used because it has a magical power: it completely changes colour when exposed to heat, like a blow dryer or straightener! Even the sun or the warmth of your hands can change the hue. Ah-mazing, right? The colour combos are TDF; you can go from purple to blue, pink to invisible, purple to pink, blush grey to peach, just to name a few.

They popped in a couple of pre-chalked hair pieces too, as well as an adorbs mini hair straightener. These pieces are pink to invisible and purple to blue:


Needless to say, we spent the better part of the day playing around with these little wonders. It was such a dream. I’d love to know what you guys think! Let me know what your dream colour combo would be in the comments below. (Mine would have to be mauve to rose gold!)


Laura Xo


  1. 7 Alyssa 14 Mar
    Your hair looks amazing with the added colour (it looked amazing before as well!
  2. 6 TG's Laura 14 Mar
    Hey Alyssa! Awww, thanks. That's super lovely of you to say <3 I was so impressed that the colour was so vibrant on my dark hair. (It actually looked much brighter in person!) 
  3. 5 Coco 06 May
    Wow how cool! Just putting it out there that that could be used really stylishly for a disco outfit
  4. 4 TG's Laura 22 Jun
    Hey Coco! Sorry for the super late reply. Thanks for checking out my blog – I totally agree that these colours would be perf for a disco outfit! If you try it, please do let me know x 
  5. 3 Isabel Ireton 14 Jul
    WOW i love your blog that looks soo cool
  6. 2 Lulu 01 Jan
    Where do you get it from? It looks soo amazing and I absolutely need this in my life!
  7. 1 TG's Rosie 09 Jan
    Hey Lulu! How cool does this look?! You should be able to get them from your local supermarket or pharmacy. x 


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