My mermaid-hair mission

by Laura | Feb 20, 2018

Hey TGs!


OK so it seriously feels like I’ve been growing my hair foreeeeeeever. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a silly habit of growing my hair super long and then cutting it all off on a whim, only to immediately regret my decision and spend the following weeks sulking, vowing to never cut it again, desperately wishing it were long – but do you know what happens every time that day finally comes? Yep, you guessed it: CHOP! Goneskies. And so the cycle begins again…


BUT, not this time. Well, not yet… Not since I declared my mermaid-hair mission in December last year’s Glam Zone. I’m not gonna lie, if it weren’t for my fab hairdresser keeping her promise to not let me cut it off “NO MATTER HOW MUCH I BEG”, I might be sitting here typing this right now with a cute pixie cut and a grumpy face… Ah, she knows me all too well!


Anyway, one thing I’ve learnt is that resisting the urge to chop is a whole lot easier when your locks are super soft and healthy, so I try to use a moisturising hair treatment at least once a week to keep my strands in tiptop condition. On that note, I would like to introduce my Product Pick of the Week:


BRITE hair masques, $16 each. 



These cuties landed on my desk today and I am so excited to try them! Espesh the unicorn one, coz, well… UNICORN!!! So squee. And the best part about all BRITE prods? They're 100% vegan and cruelty free, which is SO important for animal lovers like you and me.


Well that’s it for me today, TGs. But I’d love to hear about any products you’re loving right now – or celebs with cute short ’dos for inspo, maybe? Ha! Here comes that itch again… Thank goodness for my hairdresser.

Xo Laura


  1. 9 Jordan 20 Feb
    I also want to try the unicorn one!
  2. 8 TG's Laura 21 Feb
    Hello again Jordan! OMG I know, the unicorn one is saaah cute, right? I'm also obsessed with the smell of coconut (aaaall the summer vibes), so I'm pretty pumped to try that one too :)
  3. 7 Alyssa 12 Mar
    Hi Laura, the unicorn one seems magical Where can you find it?
    Alyssa xoxo
  4. 6 Alyssa 15 Mar
    Hello! do they sell these in Hairhouse warehouse?
  5. 5 Alyssa 16 Mar
    i was wondering where in Melbourne you could find these?
  6. 4 TG's Laura 26 Mar
    Hey Alyssa, so glad you heart these masques as much as I do! You can buy them online from the BRITE website (, as well as selected Woolworths stores :) 
  7. 3 Alyssa 28 Mar
    hello Laura 
    thanks I will look my local Woolworths store and if they don’t have it I will look on Brite website 
    Alyssa xoxo
  8. 2 TG's Laura 29 Mar
    No worries Alyssa. Let me know how you go! x
  9. 1 Alyssa 16 Apr
    Hi Laura!
    i tried the Unicorn one and rasberry and vanilla (not pictured but it is another one and since i have frizzy hair i had to get that one) and i was super happy with the results and my frizziness has disappeared and the unicorn one also help my hair as its damaged 
    Alyssa xoxo


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