How To Do A Frozen Plait

by TG's Claire | Aug 22, 2014
Hey TGs,

Hands up who saw (and LOVED) Disney's Frozen? Thought so! Let It Go is only one of THE most ah-mazing musical numbers as sung by Elsa. Did you know Elsa's beautiful voice comes from Idina Menzel who you might recognise as Rachel Berry's mum on Glee

Anyway, the singing is one of many things to adore about Frozen. I'm also really into the hair. Check it out: 

Elsa and Anna in Disney's Frozen
Here's how to get hair like Elsa and Anna. Obvs it helps to have long hair that is all the same length. 

Elsa's plait
1. If you want your hair to have lots of height like Elsa's, use a hairspray and a comb to raise a quiff over your forehead. 
2. Work a smoothing serum through your locks, comb them and pull them over one shoulder. 
3. Plait the hair without tying it off with an elastic first. 
4. Secure it at the end with a bit of ice-cool sparkle. For extra Frozen magic, ask an adult if you can lightly dust some silver glitter through your hair, or use a glitter hairspray.

Anna's pigtails
1. Work a smoothing serum through your hair and part it to one side. 
2. Divide the hair into two sections and pull them forward over your shoulders, then neatly plait both sections.
3. Take some of the hair in the tuft at the end of each plait to wind around and hide each band. Secure with a bobby pin at the back. Optional: finish with a glossing spray. 

These are super easy and way simpler than a French braid. Try them and let me know how you go. And tell me all about your fave things about Frozen in the comments!

Love and icicles,
Claire XO


  1. 21 Lara 27 Aug
    OMG! That was so helpful! I love doing Annas plaits!!!

  2. 20 Grace 30 Aug
    This is so cool, I look like Elsa!!!
  3. 19 courtney 30 Aug
    thankyou so much for posting the frozen hair styles they have helped me so much , now I can go to school with my plaited like Elsa and Anna =)   

  4. 18 Georgia 01 Sep
    I tried both Anna's was soooooo much easier 
  5. 17 indi 02 Sep
    my favourite hair style in frozen is the anna coronation hair.
    could you mabe do steps for that?
  6. 16 jess 03 Sep
  7. 15 gabi 09 Sep
    I love Anna hair I'm going to try it.
  8. 14 josie 19 Sep
    I love Elsa and Anna I love let it go
  9. 13 Amelia 25 Sep
    I've tried the coronation hairstyle before it's really cool could you do that one too. I'm going to try the Elsa one soon I think I goingto look like her. :) BYE.
  10. 12 Luka 25 Sep
    OK i tried the hairstyles and they were toats amaze especially Elsa's  and I literally have white hair like hers. Anna's hairstyle was gr8  when I was playing sport but seriously OMTG  they were both utterly gr8 
  11. 11 Chevelle 26 Sep
    it worked and i look great thanx total girl i always relie on you!
  12. 10 Hannah 03 Oct
    Those plaits look so cool , amazing and awesomely awesome 
  13. 9 Shannon 26 Oct
    Cool! i do my hair like Anna's all the time now! im gonna wear it to school! :)
  14. 8 Arianne 29 Dec
    This is so cool! I tried doing a french braid but my hair is not long enough. Rock on, Frozen!
  15. 7 jada vella 23 Mar
    I love the frozen hair stiles.
  16. 6 Bonnie 14 Jun
  17. 5 Christina 25 Jul
    OMG it looks so great
  18. 4 Rebekah 04 Oct
    I really liked how you did this page
  19. 3 Gurtrude 06 Oct
    OMG I'm totes doing this for school! XD
  20. 2 Amy 21 Aug
    Love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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