Glitter Bomb Nails! How To Do A Super Sparkly Mani

by TG's Claire | Jan 22, 2014
Hi TGs!

Reaching for a new nail polish colour, I felt some regret setting in. 

I mean, sure the polish was pretty good. But I kept trying to figure out why the sight of my nails was making me so queasy. Like, bleuggghhh.

I worked it out - liver nails! I was wearing a colour the shade of a squishy internal organ. Uhhhhhh so gross!!! Trust me, I Googled livers and the shade is like super on-point for a real, actual raw liver. But I don't want to gross you out, so here's a nice illo.

Claire explains how to fix gross nails

See - liver hands of doooooommmm.

Anyway, on with the story. TG's Lattitia was working on one of her amazing DIYs and she had a whole heap of spare glitter on a plate. It was already mixed with glue so we couldn't keep it. 

So, I stuck my hands in it. Like this: 

How to do a glitter bomb manicure

Obvs it was super messy. To seal the deal, I added a coat of Rimmel's finishing touch glitter topcoat. Then I washed my hands to get rid of the excess glitter (it went EVERYWHERE). 

Result! Glitter-bombed nails. It's, like, 10 times shinier than normal glitter nail polish. Give it a try!

Glitter manicure tutorial

Would you try extreme glitter nails? And do you actually like liver nails?! Leave a comment below! 

XOXO Claire


  1. 23 Tess 22 Jan
    I love the glitter!!!
  2. 22 Tess 22 Jan
    I tried it :) It got super messy i added the green glitter you have, and yellowish glitter for australia day or for a great summery vibrant cheery kinda look. well i dont know maybe its just me i love yellow and green.
  3. 21 Alicia 22 Jan
    WOW!!! Loving the cool glitter! I would LOVEEEEEEEEEE to try this. :) You're amazing Claire!
  4. 20 hannah 22 Jan
    they are awesome love the glitter so much but would not like to try the liver nails that much but love your work!!
  5. 19 Lydia 26 Jan
    wow that is really cool i love glitter :)
  6. 18 Georgia 30 Jan
    EWWWWWWW! LIVER NAILS NO WAY WOULD I TRY LIVER NAILS  EVA ! but ild deffidantly wear those super cool shiny nails
  7. 17 Megan 01 Feb
    Hi Claire,
    I love the glitter nails! They look amazing!
  8. 16 Elsa 01 Feb
    Dear Claire, can you please do a celebrity beauty products favourites in the mag?  Thankyou for a marvellous blog!!
  9. 15 nicole 03 Feb
    Defently glitter!
  10. 14 Alice 03 Feb

    Dear Claire,

    can you please do a clothes one. Awesome blog.

    Your great with nails.

    Nice glittery nails. Might try it.

    From alice

  11. 13 Gracie 06 Feb
    I know you did a how to wash your face so can you do a how to wash your hair
  12. 12 sophia 16 Feb
    Dont like the liver, LOVE the glitter!!!
  13. 11 Celine 18 Feb
    Eewwww liver! That's so funny because one of your memes a bit back was:
    hi its Clair, never met a nail colour I didn't like!
  14. 10 Celine 23 Feb
    What would happen with the glitter nails when you try to take them off?  Would the glitter go all over the place? I haven't had nail polish on for a whole year! :( we can't wear it to school, but they never actually check but it would be noticeable using my fluro pink nail polishes.
  15. 9 TG's Claire 28 Feb
    Hey girls! Thanks for your enthusiasm for this post. <3

    Some of you have shown me photos of your own glitter bombed nails, which is crazy awesome!!!

    Couple of things: 
    Alice, maybe you'd like to check out Lattitia's blog? It has heaps of amazing clothes stuff. 

    Celine, I love how much you're paying attention! You're right, I HAD never met a nail colour I didn't like ... until now. Because liver is gross, guys! 

    Good question about what happens when you try to remove glitter. It can be a toughie to remove. You need to really soak your cotton ball in remover and work pretty hard. The glitter doesn't go everywhere, it goes into the cotton wool or other remover pad. 

    Girls, totes don't wear nail polish to school. I've gotten into trouble for that in the past, so yeah, try and stick with weekends, parties and holidays only for glam digits!!!

    XOXO Claire
  16. 8 Aphrodite 13 Apr
    Hey hey Claire,
    firstly YES I would so totes try the glitter bombed nails and secondly I would HATE liver nails like eeeeeeeek
  17. 7 Maddy 19 Apr
    Hi Claire I so love the glitter nails and another way u could do them is you paint your nails a colour then sprinkle glitter on them when the polish is still wet.      Bye!
  18. 6 GraefSn 29 Oct
    I cannot thank you enough for the article.Really thank you! Want more.
  19. 5 Audrey 04 Dec
    Awesome transformation! Love the glitter!
  20. 4 feryal 20 Feb
    I totes love the glitter but the liver not so sure about that:)


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