Nail SOS! When Fingernails and Toenails Need TLC!

by TG's Claire | Jan 08, 2014
Hey TGs!

HAPPY 2014!!! A big thank you hug to all you girls who sent me a birthday message – you TGs are the sweetest girls ever!

Guess what I did on my break? I painted some walls! This was totes hard on my hands and nails, and I thought I’d do a post explaining some thing you can do when your nails are having a tough time.

Nail dramas are easier with a BFF. Photo: Getty Images 

The sitch

I painted my nails before bed and woke up with a weird sheet pattern all over them. Eeek.

The fix

Sheet-pattern nails can be fixed with a quick glitter topcoat the next morning.

The sitch

My pinky toenails are weird.

The fix

Pinky toenails are smaller and more vulnerable than your other nails. They can get squeezed and rubbed by shoes and can spilt, crack, have a strange texture or grow a bit lumpy. They might need extra care and trimming. Try and keep them coated in polish to add some extra protection and to prevent them from snagging your socks and stockings.

The sitch

My nails have split.

The fix

Your nails as made up of thin layers, like a delicious pastry. Try not to clip or file them when they are wet. File in one direction only, don’t use a see-saw action. And don’t use them as a kind of all-purpose tool – go easy on them. And if they do start to come apart, carefully buff the split part to avoid further damage. Get a block buffer – they’ve usually a light foam covered in various rough surfaces, like sandpaper, and gently sand away at the split area, then buff to a high-gloss shine.

The sitch

My nail has torn into the pink part – ouch!

The fix

If your nail begins to rip horizontally, act fast. The last thing you want is for the torn edge to catch on something and rip any more than it already has – owwie! Carefully cut the white part as short as you can, and try to clip off the pointy or rough part of the torn bit. File the edge. Now all you can do is wait for the nail to grow out again – it’ll look a bit funny and lop-sided as it grows back, and it will need TLC until the part that tore has grown right out again.

What do you do when your nails need rescuing?

XOXO Claire


  1. 5 Lucia 08 Jan
    Thank You sooooooooooooo much for the tips!

  2. 4 Nicola 09 Jan
    I love your blog! I would love it if you could post some cool hairstyles for school on the the blog though! That would be cool! BTW how do you clean out all the dirt under your nails? My nails get really dirty.
    thx <3
  3. 3 abby 12 Jan
    i love your blog and beauty section at tg  could you post some cool back to school beauty and hair styles
  4. 2 Elsa 12 Jan
    Hey Claire, I really need help. Is there any chance that if I send a email/letter/photo It can appear in the mag? Thanks!
  5. 1 TG's Claire 13 Jan
    @ Lucia - you're welcome, TG!
    @ Nicola - I'm going to answer your question in March mag!
    @ Abby - don't forget your Feb mag! I promise you'll see an ah-maze school hair spesh in it!!!
    @ Elsa - yup, do it! Email me at!


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