Four Reasons to Love Short Hair

by Claire | Nov 20, 2013
  1. Hey hey glam TGs!

    TG Aish has some hair-related blues

    I have really short hair, and it's making me feel a bit self-conscious. It is as short as the average boy's hair, and sometimes people mistake me for a boy. My school doesn't allow fancy clips and hair accessories as it doesn't mix with uniform well, so how can I look like a girl and still abide by school rules? I am growing my hair out, but for the time-being, I don't want to be confused for a boy.

    If you can't wear fancy clips, you can probs still wear simple bobby pins, perhaps in the same hue as your school uniform or house colours. 

    Keep your short 'do girly with cool texture: try messing it up with mousses and gels.

    People know you're not a boy. Also, try not to focus too much on your hair. I bet there's 10 million things more interesting about you than your short locks.

    A little girl rocking short hair. Photo: Getty Image
    Love your hair instead! Here are four reasons to embrace it:

    1. Summer is coming and you'll adore the feeling of a breeze on the back of your neck instead of that sweaty sensation. 

    2. Hate waiting for your hair to dry? No probs! When it's short, it's so easy to care for. Drying time is practically non-existant.

    3. Without lots of hair to hide behind, you just might discover a confident new you.

    4. Short hair is made for experimentation! On weekends, try adding some hair chalk for some cray cray colour, tie a headscarf over it, or tuck a fresh flower behind one ear. 

    XOXO Claire


  1. 5 Karen 20 Nov
    Those tips will definitely heal jessie (the amazing total girl blogger) of hating her hairstyle
  2. 4 elyssa 25 Nov
    I totally agree I have short hair and it stays neat all the time at school we were playing with clay and my teacher tied up the girls long hair back at the end of the session the girls had nots from the teacher. thank god I have short hair. 
  3. 3 Nicola 25 Nov
    This article will make us all want short hair! Nah I look better with long hair but you know Aish, some people look great with short hair, so I bet u r a beautiful TG. In fact, I reckon all TGs are totes beautiful thanks to Clarie and Of course the whole TG team! Luv u guys! <3 
  4. 2 Teliah 27 Nov
    hi Aish dont worry about having short hair because i have no hair i have been in hospital all year with leukemia but now im all better and have no hair it dosent bother me i love having no hair for the reasons that claire said dont worry you will grow your hair mine has started to come back already
  5. 1 kellsie 11 Dec
    this beauty blog is awesome i totaly love reading it.


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