Feather Hair Extensions

by Claire | Oct 22, 2013

Claire wears three feathery hair extensions.
Cray cray hair? Yeah, yeah!

Take one sizzling pink curl of clip-in hair and add two fancy, flouncy clip-in feathers. There’s a party on my head and you’re all invited.


I’m testing out some feather hair extensions from Vixen Body Art ($11.95 each) and also a Headlines Hairpieces Splice Curl ($15.40 to $24.20 depending on length) in an amazeballs pink worthy of Nicki Minaj. Yeah, you’d probs wear these one at a time, but hey, more is more, right? Sometimes, it totally is.

Feathers are meant to be eye-catching – in nature, they’re a look-at-me display of beauty. That must be why my feathered hair is grabbing so much attention over at TGHQ.

These hair decorations are easy and comfortable to wear – they feel about the same as any other hair clip, but they do tend to wave their crazy colours around the edges of your line of sight. They can easily be clipped out again when it’s time for school or hair-washing, and they are reusable.

Here’s a picture by TG’s Lattitia who dared me to wear this whole set-up home on the train.

I did the dare and guess what? No one was especially surprised by my fluffy, feathery, crazy tresses. Anyway, this approach is not necessarily recommended – these kinds of pieces are best suited to a party when everyone wants to show their true colours.



  1. 5 Emma 18 Nov
    You look amazing, so going to try this crazy hair master piece!!!
  2. 4 Mj 18 Nov
    Hi Claire,
    I enjoy reading TG and I bought my first TG magazine this year.
    I am having a nail problem. My nails grow really long in a week and I have to keep cutting them because I play piano and netball. My nails always stay really clean though.Is there anything you know of that can stop this from happening. P.S Do you know any manicures that give your nails a clean and natural look?

    xoxo lots of love, MJ
  3. 3 TG's Claire 20 Nov
    Hi MJ - I'm going to answer your question in the mag, so don't forget to keep picking up a copy!
    XOXO Claire

    Hi Emma, thanks for the compliment! I would LOVE to see your own crazy hairdo, so send me some pics: XOXO Claire

  4. 2 Flora 31 Dec
    Hi Claire,
    I 💜 TG so much!!! Anyway, my problem is about my hair. It is turning brown when my natural colour is black! Do you have any methods on stoping this? Thanks anyway!
    💚 flora
  5. 1 clare 30 Jun
    They look great! I love my feathers


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