My Perfect Holiday Beauty Tips

by Claire | Sep 04, 2013
Hi TGs!
I’m in a holiday state of mind! You know – sand between the toes, long afternoons of shopping, watching the sun set over an exotic city – I want it all!
Are you off somewhere amazing soon? Tell me in the comments and make sure you bear in mind these holiday glam tips:
  1. More is more! Hey, you’re on a break. No school, no rules, right? Especially if you’re off somewhere warm, feel free to break out the body glitter, shimmer and sparkle, cray cray nail art, coconut oil and amazing accessories and bling. Flower in your hair, fluoro nail polish on your toes? Time to hit the beach!

    Summer holiday glam tips! Photo:Getty Images

  2. Be flight-ready. Planes are fun if you’re into sitting for hours and chilling with movies (hey, sounds pretty good). Your in-flight glam essentials are:

    * Bottled water – you have got to stay queen of hydration nation.
    * Eye mask and ear plugs. Block out the light and noise to get some beauty sleep.
    * Your fave lip balm – pick something nice and moisturising because the air-conditioning inside an aeroplane can be killer and super dry.
    * Moisturiser – because the soap inside the tiny toilet is usually super harsh.

    Fun holiday beauty tips! Photo: Getty Images

  3. Be sun smart. Your other holiday must-have? Sunscreen! It doesn’t matter whether you’re off to the blazing sunlight of the beach, the chill of the snow or the middle of the city – sun protect like you mean it, even if it’s just a moisturiser with an SPF.