How to Avoid Haircut Shock!

by Claire | Aug 08, 2013

Claire's tips to avoid a bad haircut!

Hi TGs!

If you've been following the adventures of Jessie in this month's TG, you'll know our fave blogger had a haircut shock of her own. Happens to us all! It can be a bit hard to take, even though we know hair grows back. Here are some things to bear in mind to avoid this problem.
Jessie wasn't happy with her haircut! Illustrations: Anna Radcliffe
Jessie's haircut was NOT what she expected


  • Be realistic. If your hair is thick and wavy, don’t bother bringing along a picture of a celeb with fine, straight hair. Even if the hair stylist can create something that kind of looks like that with straightening tools, you’ll have trouble recreating the look at home unless you have heaps of time and specific hairstyling tools (or maybe an in-house hairdresser … a TG can dream, right?)
  • Think before you chop. Do you like having long hair? Have a very careful think about it before you go asking for a pixie crop like Miley. You could get stuck in an awkward growing-out stage for ages. Same goes for fringes – do you really think one would suit your face shape? Will it just blow into your eyes and frustrate you? 
  • Be specific. Communicate your exact wishes – if you want five centimetres off the ends, say so! Don’t be vague and leave your hairdresser guessing – they could easily trim off too much before you can say stop! At the salon, there is no undo button.
  • If all else fails, cheer up – it’ll all grow back anyway, so just play with hair accessories to cheer up about your locks in the meantime. Don't get too down about it – remember, it's your inner beauty that really counts, not your hair.