Natural Beauty - How Not To Get Busted At School! (Like I Did)

by Claire | Jul 17, 2013

Hey TGs,

My school didn’t allow make-up, even nail polish.

But that didn’t stop me. I loved nail polish and nail art – I still do – and they were one way I expressed myself.

One time my teacher lined up my class for nail inspections. He even had remover on hand for troublemakers.

I kept my hands shoved in my pockets because that particular day I had bright blue polish on all 10 nails and had also painstakingly dotted on tiny flowers using a paintbrush. It was a DIY floral mani, it had taken AGES, and I was about to get busted. Boo.

The big surprise in all of this was my teacher didn’t set me up for a date with the nail polish remover. He was so impressed with my floral nail art that he let me keep it on, just this once.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily recommend this approach. If you’re at a school with a strict uniform code, here are a few things you can do to stay glam – and out of trouble.

School Style!


  1. A colourless manicure
    If you can’t slick on your fave shades and blingy nail art, the best approach is to keep your nails neat and glossy. Invest in a nail buffer (available at supermarkets and chemists) to keep nails ridge-free. You can apply a clear nail polish too.
  2. Hair accessories – in your school or house colours only.
    Track down some glossy ribbon in the exact same shade as your uniform and you’ll look totes pulled together. You could try a scrunchie too – they’re making a comeback. You can probably get away with some clips or pretty bits and pieces if they, too, match your school or sports uniform.
  3. Body glitter.
    It’s super fun and usually flies under the radar – adults tend not to notice it, but your besties will. Just don’t go overboard.
  4. Lip-gloss.
    If it's clear and completely colourless you'll get away with it. You could always use my personal favourite: paw paw ointment.

Tell me – what do you do to stay glam and out of trouble at school? 

Love and natural beauty,
Claire XO


  1. 15 Yamini 18 Jul
    I use clear nail polish and matching school uniform+ Cool Looking + Not odd one out!!
  2. 14 shereena 23 Jul
    I do the right thing I don't where nail polish unless its pamper day (at school we have a pamper week)
  3. 13 Izzy 24 Jul
    I wear mani on my toe nails  so you cant see it 
  4. 12 Mia 25 Jul
    I wear nail polish,
    but it is clear nail polish 
  5. 11 chelsea 26 Jul
    i have clear on finders and colour on toes!!
  6. 10 Angie 26 Jul
    At my school your allowed to wear nail polish it just can't be neon!!!!!
  7. 9 Gabi 26 Jul
    I use clear nailpolish, lip gloss & just wash my hair face & put on cream.  for hair acessories we're only allowed school colours- blue, red and white. also, green is acceptable
  8. 8 sofija 31 Jul
    they say were not allowed but they dont care i went to school with neon nail polish and they didnt notice
  9. 7 Crystal 01 Aug
    I love clear nail polish and love lip gloss
  10. 6 jaimee 03 Aug
    I wear maroon hair ribbons with silver glitter streaks! the teachers don't care because it has the school colour maroon in it!
  11. 5 Izzy 04 Aug
    I also wear glitter nail polish so when i'm inside working it looks like a few speaks of dirt but when outside in the sun light its totes adorbs
  12. 4 Lily 05 Aug
    I sometimes use the same colour as my school uniform and clear nail polish+My parents don't notice LOL
  13. 3 Lila 11 Aug
    I do Italian classes at my school so I painted my nails the colours of the Italian Flag. If the teachers ask why I am wearing nail polish I will say, "It's for Italian" I also wear clear lip gloss and school coloured headbands!
  14. 2 Latisha 17 Aug
    Lol, my school doesn't even allow coloured hair ties or patterned socks let alone nail polish!!!
  15. 1 Alana 30 Aug
    If you wear covered shoes, it is way easier to get away with colour on your toes!!!