How to Use Hair Chalk

by Claire | Jul 08, 2013

Hey hey TGs!

You’re on holidays again, that’s so awesome. If you’re in a party mood and you’ve got some amazeballs places to be, why not do a few mad streaks in your hair?

Get your hands on some hair chalk and get colouring! The great thing about hair chalk is that it works amazingly well, even on pitch-black hair (like mine).

Claire's amazing hair-chalk hair!

Here’s what to do: take your hair chalk, hold your hair taut and apply it to parts where you want colour. Streaks look great, as do ‘dip-dye’ ends. Try a colour-striped bun with more than one chalk hue. Pretty cool, huh? Don’t go overboard – this is not the thing to use if you want your whole head of hair in one colour, it’s more about creating crazy highlights.

When using hair chalk, hairspray is your best friend. Spray it on before applying hair chalk if you have dark hair; it makes the colour go on a little more intensely. Once you’re done, spray again with hairspray to seal the chalk in place.

Warning! Hair chalk can get messy and can go EVERYWHERE. Don’t apply it when you’re wearing white or anything easily stained (look out, pillowcase!). You might end up with it all over your hands or all through your hairbrush (I did!). Just take care and remember – it does wash out.

Watch out for my reviews of two amazeballs hair chalks in a future issue of Total Girl!



  1. 6 Lucia 08 Jul
    Hey, Claire
    I love this hair chalk thing but where can you get the hair chalk from???
    I am going back to school tomorrow! :(
    Thank you soooo much!
    From Lucia xoxo
  2. 5 Eloise 11 Jul
    Hi claire what colors can you get the hair chalk in and where can you get it from 😃😃👧 i need the colors yellow and blue 💙💛
  3. 4 Claude 15 Jul
    Where do you get the hair chalk from? I love it! I need the colour purple! ;)
  4. 3 charlotte 15 Jul
    i did this but only i bought the monster high hair chalk set the monster high one works 
  5. 2 Wathana 10 Aug
    where can you get hair chalk? i want to use it for my sister's b'day next week.
  6. 1 TG's Claire 13 Aug
    Hi TGs!
    A lot of you want to know where to find hair chalk. 
    It can be found in stacks of places. Like, you could literally try your closest big supermarket in the hair and beauty section. Or you could go to somewhere like Priceline, Target or Kmart. 

    Let me know how you go!
    Love, Claire XO