Funky Polka Dot Nail Art

by Claire | May 28, 2013

Hey TGs! Welcome to the second post in my series of blogs on DIY nail art. 

This week I'm going dotty for polka dot nail art! This effect is fun, girly and best of all it's really easy.

Blue and white polka dot pedicure!

Let's get started. 

You'll need

  • One nail polish colour to be your base colour;
  • One (or more!) nail polish colours to contrast;
  • A skinny paintbrush or toothpick

What to do: 

  1. Prepare your nails: get them clean, free from grease, dry and neatly shaped with a file. 
  2. Apply your base coat - two or more thin coats should build up a nice base colour. Allow drying time.
  3. Here's the fun part. Dip the tip of your fine paintbrush or toothpick into a contrasting nail polish colour and gently place dots of colour onto your nails. Go easy: just a little pressure should form a nice neat dot. Also, try not to get too much polish on your dotty tool - you might accidentally make a splodge! 

Don't worry if the dots are not all the same size. It can be cute with a few different sizes of dot. You could do just one colour of dot, or go crazy with multi-coloured dots! Seal your art with a clear top coat.

Tips: This can be a bit fiddly, especially with your left hand (assuming you're right-handed). You could either ask Mum for help or else try a 'feature nail' - just decorate one of your 10 nails. The ring finger is best for this. Or, you could try this effect on your toes, like in the picture. That's cute too.

Which cute nail art looks would you like me to explain? Leave a comment below!


  1. 11 Isabella 21 Jun
    OMTG! They are all so cute! I loved the ducky nail art was so cute! I even tried it
  2. 10 akayrii 24 Jun
    hi i really  like the beauty blog and would love if you could tell me how to do mustaches on your nails . thanks xoxo akayrii
  3. 9 chloe 29 Jun
    funky polka dot nail art it looks cray cray like me XD
  4. 8 Izzy 09 Jul
    lol love them
  5. 7 Hannah 13 Jul
    i really love he poka dot nail art.
    soooooo cute!!
  6. 6 florence 02 Aug
    i love this blog especially all the nail stuff 
  7. 5 Tatijana 06 Aug
    I always loved Water Marble nail art! but never mastered it.
  8. 4 Izzy 07 Aug
    any chance you could do snich nail art (the flying ball from harry potter i'm obessed with it)
  9. 3 Dee-Arna 16 Aug
    i love the duck one it was adorable i even did it on my sister
  10. 2 Lauren 17 Aug
    The polka dot nail art looks impossible but actually is  really easy. It looks so cute
  11. 1 Emma 31 Aug
    I love the polka dots because they look amazeballs!!!!