Hit Or Miss? Celeb Outfits Rated!

by | Feb 28, 2014
Hi fashionistas,
Did you know that famous peeps are given oodles of free clothes? Not to mention employ stylists and on the odd occasion are paid to wear certain brands? Are you well jel yet? I am! But, with all their fashion perks, sometimes celebs get it wrong - just like you and me!
Check out the style-savvy celebs that I put to the ultimate fashion test! Who will take the fashion crown and who took styling cues from an alien?


Ariana Grande Fashion Accessories Photo Instagram
Ariana Grande 8/10
Sweet Ariana looks divine sporting a 60’s inspired headscarf. The star earrings and pop of pink lip make it a total accessorising success.

 Bella Thorne's Fashion Style: Red Dress Photo Instagram
Bella Thorne 8.5/10
Talk about looking fierce in red! A bold, stand out colour is always winning!

Victoria Justice Fashion: Ripped Jeans Photo Instagram
Victoria Justice 5/10
Fashion is all about exploring new trends, but VJ’s blue lipstick is just out of this world wrong! Five points for the on trend ripped jeans.

Taylor Swift Floral Dress Photo Instagram
Taylor Swift 9/10
Swifty nails the classic lady look every time. Florals are a guaranteed hit all year long!

How do you rate these looks, fashionistas? Join the panel!

Images: Instagram


  1. 24 Izzy 01 Mar
    Haha the alien lips! I looove Taylors dress and arianas cool look!!
  2. 23 Alana 02 Mar
    I like all these clothes and I <3 Victoria Justice's top!
  3. 22 ruby 02 Mar
    i love the headscarf Ariana is weraing! thanks Lattitia
  4. 21 Selina 02 Mar
    Lol VJ has one earring on.
  5. 20 sophia 04 Mar
    i love flowers there nice like dress
  6. 19 Elise 04 Mar
    Ariana 8.5/10
    Bella 6.2/10
    Victoria 7.1/10
    Taylor 10/10
  7. 18 Megan 05 Mar
    I think Ariana is 7

    Bella is 8.5 - 9 she rocks red!

    Victoria Justice! Ripped jeans are nice and her hair is pretty but she is wearing 1 earring!

    Taylor is a 9, she rocks the lip stick! The dress is nice too. Love the flower there as well
  8. 17 mekkie 14 Mar
    Love them all but not the lips!! Taylors the best and Ariana is cute in her outfit!
  9. 16 mekkie 15 Mar
    Love them all but not the lips!! Taylors the best and Ariana is cute in her outfit!
  10. 15 Bianca 16 Mar
    Ariana 8.5
    Bella 9
    Victoria 4
    Taylor 9.5
  11. 14 michelle 17 Mar
    Ariana: She really makes the look pop! Yep, with the bright bold lipstick she really does look awesome!  9/10
    Bella: Bella's red dress and heels just all stand out :). 9/10
    Victoria: Victoria's whole look really rocks! Not a fan of the lipstick though, neither the earring. 7/10
    Taylor: The flowery theme looks really cute and nice!  Perfect for spring! ;) 10/10
  12. 13 Larissa 28 Apr
    Ariana 9.5/10 she looks STUNNING in anything. Bella 8/10 Victoria  looks nice but then that lipstick! Taylor 9/10 very pretty but I'm not sure about that dress!?
  13. 12 Jasmine 29 Apr
    I love Taylor's dress I would give her a 8
  14. 11 lucy 12 May
    bella looks on the spot. wow that dress is so stylish. and oh.the shoes and purse really matchie match match! :)
  15. 10 Ballerina Mina 02 Jul
    I rate Ariana Grande 9.5/10 cos she is always so stylish! Always! I love her hair, I wish that mine was lng enough to try her style! Mine is soooooo short
  16. 9 Darcy 14 Jul
    I love Ariana's outfit its amazing | 9.9 (9.5) / 10

  17. 8 tessa 05 Sep
    Ariana is 10 because I just love the way she dresses and because she is my idol I love u 
  18. 7 anastasia 18 Oct
    love arianas drees  10/10
  19. 6 Elise 24 Nov
    My opinion is
    1 Taylor Swift 10/10
    2 Ariana Grande 9/10
    3 Victoria Justice 7/10
    4 Bella Thorne  5/10
     Taylor is my Fav! I love fashion and as a fashion queen I think she rocks in her floral colors. Ariana looks awesome too I heart her cream headscarf. (So fashionable!!!) Thank you Lattitia for doing fashion blogs I love fashion as much as you and I want to follow your lead and start my own fashion blog when I am older. I also want to ba an fashion designer. Love Elise G.
  20. 5 Audrey Grace 23 Dec
    Taylor swift is def. a 9.5. sooooooo floral i luv it!!!
    Bella thorne..... a 7 i think......
    Araina is an 8.5. Love the headbandy thing
    Victoria J...... ai yi yi! A 3.2..... thx 2 the jeans

    Luv T.S. and A.G.!!!


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