Friday Fashion Finds

by | Aug 19, 2013
Happy Friday TGs!
If you’re like me, Friday is a totes fun day because it means the weekend is just around the corner and you’re buzzing with excitement from the mere thought of freedom! Yippee!!
Friday is also, *bam bam bammmm..!*: Friday Fashion Finds in the blogosphere, where I deliver to you the best fashion finds of the week! It’s almost like your homework is done for you! Geez, my job can be tough sometimes ;)
Do you have a fave? Would love to hear from you!
 Smiley Jumper from Seed
Seed jumper $44.95 
This jumper makes me smile!

Ombre Denim Vest from Target
Target denim vest $29
Add a bit of punk appeal to your get-up

Floral Backpack from Seed 
Seed backpack $49.95
Make a statement at school with this floral beauty!

Colourful Sandals from Bardot 
Bardot Junior sandals $39.95
Brighten up your look with rainbow kicks
Stripey Overnight Bag from Cotton On
Cotton On tote $19.95
Sleepovers just got more fun!

Ombre Blue Jeans from Target 
Target jeans $29
Jeans have never looked so cool!


  1. 11 Lucy =D 20 Aug
    Hi Lattitia, I love the smiley jumper because I smile all the time :) ! I also love the denim vest and jeans because they change colour like tie-dye. I also loooooove the backpack because it is pretty and floral! LOL
    Love from Lucy
  2. 10 Lattitia at Total Girl 20 Aug
    Hi Lucy! Thanks for the message :) I know, I love everything too! I've already bought the backpack and it's so roomy! I love it! Have a wonderful day! Lots of love, Lattitia xox
  3. 9 Annaliese 21 Aug
    Dear Lattitia,
    I love the Seed floral backpack and the Target ombre denim vest.
    Annaliese xo
  4. 8 Ruve' 21 Aug
    Hi Lattitia, I LOVE all the fashion comments you say and i think you're epic! I LOVE all the clothes that you showed.     

    I love the jeans,shoes and denim vest a lot!!
    Love from Ruve'
  5. 7 Lucia 22 Aug
    Hi Lattitia,
    My 2 faves are probably the denim vest and the smiley top!
    I love th denim vest because... Actually I don't know why I
    love it. And I love the smiley top because...... It makes me
    laugh, smile and giggle!

    Love from,

  6. 6 Ella 24 Aug
    luv the seed backpack the jeans the denim vest and the smiley jumper 

    luv seed!!
  7. 5 Elise 28 Aug
    I luv the smiley face jumper it looks fantastic it makes me want to smile and giggle myself ha ha ha!:-)
  8. 4 madi 28 Aug
    I think they look good but not really a style I would wear. I was think that for spring, we would wear flower type skirts or dresses. I think black boots are in because most people that walk past me seem to wear black boots. But the clothes you picked are good
  9. 3 Emma 29 Aug
    Hi Lattitia
    I absolutely love the smiley jumper. It makes me feel happy.
    Keep up the good work
  10. 2 Lattitia at Total Girl 30 Aug
    BEST.COMMENTS.EVER! You're all epic! :) Lots of love, Lattitia
  11. 1 Claudia 01 Sep
    Hi Lattitia! I LOVE your fashion blog and i always look forward to it in the TG mag :) My two fave items would have to be the target denim vest and the seed backpack.

    Love Claudia