Meet the Model: Tiana!

by | Jul 11, 2013


We chatted to our ah-maze model, Tiana, to hear about her personal style, how she got her modelling start and what it means to her to be featured in the pages of Total Girl.

Meet TG Model: Tiana!
Tiana is a star!

The Stats:

Age: 11
Hometown: Sydney

Agency: Starfish Kids Talent Agency

Total Girl shoots:
Two and counting. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star JULY ‘13 issue and Mexican Fiesta NOV ‘12 issue.

We love you at Total Girl because you’re such a pro! How long have you been modelling for?
Aw, thank you! Since I was 3 or 4, so a long time now.

Who was your first shoot for?
It was for BIG W and it was lots of fun from what I remember haha.

Why do you love modelling for Total Girl?
The shoots are always so much fun and the themes are really cool!

What was your first Total Girl Shoot?
It was the Mexican themed shoot last year. I got to wear a sombrero, play with a piñata and wear a funny fake mustache!  

What are some other cool modelling gigs you’ve done?
I have done shoots for Fred Bear, Bonds, David Jones, Seafolly, Vogue, Industry and The Lost Girls.

What’s your fave fashion brand?
I like Witchery8Fourteen and Bardot Junior because they always have cool things every season. They’re my go-to shops!

Fave winter look?
I always wear leggings with my pink or purple Converse hi-tops

If you could own any piece of clothing what would it be?
Just lots of dresses. All types. I really love dresses because they’re heaps comfy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a dancer or a choreographer. I do want to keep modelling though, ‘cause it’s so much fun!

What is your favourite part of Total Girl?
I like to look at all the clothes in the photo shoots

What is your favourite dance style?
I love Lyrical. It’s like a softer contemporary.

Who are your favourite celebs right now?
Selena Gomez, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. I’ve seen her in concert and she was amazing!



  1. 9 Luce 14 Jul
    Wow, how did u become a model? You are very pretty and seem good at it. Hope u grow up to be famous!
  2. 8 Elle 21 Jul
    I love Tiana!! So cool this interview!
  3. 7 Eloise 22 Jul
    This was the best shoot! Amaze clothes and the models so pretty!!!!
  4. 6 Izzy 25 Jul! Tianas so cool! Thank u!
  5. 5 Isabella 28 Jul
    Wow! I didn't even recognize you from the NOV'12 issue! OMTG! Wow I loved those 2 photoshoots! Well done
  6. 4 lauren 03 Aug
    i love you Tiana you rock man oh i mean gurl it must be amazing that your a model.
  7. 3 ana 07 Aug
    i wear necklaces doesn't matter if it's banned but it's ok
  8. 2 Ana 17 Aug
    The blog is so cool. I ama going to put it in my list ' Go shoping and get some cool stuff. Thank u
  9. 1 Emma 31 Aug
    U R so lucky 2 have a talent agent and I love lyrical too!! :)