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Dear TG I love your mags so much. Big shout out to my besties liv and miranda!!! - Paris Hi Total Girl! Ive been getting your magazines since I was 6 (I'm 12 now!) Keep making your mags. We all love them! ; ) - Lily Hey TG. shout out to your team for making an amazing mag for tween girls. - Lorelai🥰🌈🦄👗👓 - Lorelai SHOUT OUT to my friend Isabelle!!! - Eloise hi I love your magazines can you please make them with moji squishes - Charlotte I love total girl so much! I love the totally embarrassing pages! - Kareena Hey Total girl love your mags xx - Hey HI I LOVE UR MAGS! I AM A REALLYBIG FAN!!! PLEASE LET ME WIN THE DISNEY DOORABLES MINI PEEK PACKS IN THE JULY 2021 BOOK!! I HAVE ENTERD!! PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!THX EEEEVVVVVVAAAAA!! - Eva To total girl i am your #1 boy fan i ❤ ur magazine. Keep up with the good work. - Beanie I love your mags my fav Is girl talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Bonnie


Boomerang, is so cute 🥰
20/6/2021 1:28:06 PM
I’m going to watch Spirit on the school holidays.. can’t wait! I have a pony called Panda and I love him.
20/6/2021 12:49:03 PM
i L O V E spirit and i can not wait for the spirit untamed film to be released
20/6/2021 3:36:12 AM
Love the episodes of this. Hopefully it will be just as good!:)
12/6/2021 6:53:36 PM
That is SOOO cute! I'm gonna have to save up!!
8/6/2021 3:08:09 PM
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