TG Reveals...Claire S' fave Shopkin!

by | Jan 30, 2015

Aren’t Shopkins the cutest? Here at TGHQ we love the collectable creatures so we totes decided we had to share our fave ones with you!


Claire S is Total Girl’s Editor-in-Chief, so she spends a lot of her time taking care of business at TG mag. Her fave Shopkin:


Miss Mushy Moo Shopkin

Miss Mushy Moo!

Claire says: “Miss Mushy Moo is totally my fave, look at how happy she is! I got her when we first ran Shopkins and I hope I get the green one next time! Best serving of vegetables EVER!”

Claire S and Miss Mushy Moo

Miss Mushy Moo and Claire!

We can’t wait for the next season of Shopkins TGs! Who’s your fave Shopkin and why? Tell us in the comments below!

Look out for more TG reveals next week and find out which staffer loves Shopkins' Wobbles…


  1. 31 maria 01 Feb
    my fave shopkin would have to be creamy  bun bun it looks like shes going oops i don't know who made that cream mess it was not me tee hee
  2. 30 Kate 03 Feb
    OMTG I love Shopkins!!! My fave is cheeky chocolate!
  3. 29 Heidi 07 Feb
    OMG, I l.o.v.e shopkins, i have 53
  4. 28 Bridie 14 Feb
    I love this one
  5. 27 lily 20 Mar
    i love poppy corn, mandy candy, juicy orange , chloe flower and more i don't know the names of! (P.S i love  TG i get it every single month. If i were on a stranded island I would take every single TG mag in the galaxy there. My dog likes TG to, i found him reading on the couch ! sadly my Iphone 5S was flat so i couldn't take a photo, It was weird  'cos he's a german shepard and all he  likes to do is play in the mud!
  6. 26 Sienna 20 Apr
    Omg  I absolutely love you guys so much and my fave shopkins are kooky cookie , cheeky chocolate,lippy lips and toasty pops from your no1 fan Sienna Gonzalez.
  7. 25 Royale 25 Apr
    My faves are: Wishes (Yellow), Mandy candy (Yellow), The waffle from season 2, The toilet paper from season 2 (\^.^/)
    I have 95 shopkins in total :D
  8. 24 Megan 17 May
    I like almost all the shopkins, and I have ALL the limited editions! Donna Donut and Cupcake Queen are my favorites. Anyway, I like all of  them :) 



  9. 23 makenzie 30 May
    i like them all because they are so cute.
  10. 22 mena 03 Jun
    my fave are all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 21 paris 04 Jul
    I love them all because of their cuteness and colour!!!!!!!!
  12. 20 Liann 02 Oct
    Love it! I have about 200 shopkins and my favorite is Kelly Calculator!
  13. 19 caydie 14 Oct
    OMTG you are amazing I only needed one more shopkin and I got it and you will never believe witch one I needed and got cupcake queen she is my all time fave
  14. 18 Natalie 28 Oct
    I LOOOOVVVVEEE SHOPKINS! I have abut 20 shopkins and a shopkin-icecream-truck! ITS AWESOME!
  15. 17 charly 02 Nov
    I have all the shopkins all the limited edition and all the playsets! I am also the prettiest girl in the world. I mean, of course I am! ;) :)
  16. 16 bonnie 04 Nov
    I haven't got any shopkins yet , but I would very much like to start collecting them though ,after reading this page, they look so adorable and friendly and cozy
  17. 15 claudia 15 Nov
    My favourites are Alfa Soup, Wendy Wedge, Bun bun Slipper, Peta Plunger, Bubbles and Garlic Rose. 
  18. 14 Erika 18 Nov
  19. 13 Soul Surfer 02 Jan
    I love shopkins! I have 68 shopkins in total and over 150 trading cards,I have 3 playsets,a shopkins bed linen,stationery and so.much.more!! My fave shopkins are Cheeky Chocolate,Soda Pops,Mandi Candy,Lippy Lips,Bubble tubs,Suds,Wobbles,Choco Lava,Polly Polish,Cupcake Queen,so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. 12 zoella and nutty 05 Jan
    zoellas favourite shopkin is choco lava,gingerfred and lana banana bread and nuttys favourite shopkins are mixie and maxie ,asbury rasberry and candy apple:)))))XD


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