• TG Reveals...Pip's Fave Shopkin!

    by | Feb 27, 2015

    We are so, so excited about the new season of Shopkins TGs! Have you met them yet? You can see some of the new characters right here on Total Girl online!


    This week we have TG’s Pip to introduce a new character from Season 2, her absolute fave! Pip is the Managing Editor at TG. So she decides what stories go in the mag, where the pages go and how they should look. Pip also has to make sure all the stories are totes on time so the mag can get printed and make it to the shops for you to buy!

    Pip's fave Shopkin is...

    Choco Lava Shopkins Season 2
    Choco Lava!

    Pip says: "Choco Lava is THE cutest Shopkin ever! Chocolate is one of my fave things to eat – when it's treat time of course! Throw a strawberry in the mix and I'm sold. But I could NEVER eat Choco Lava, she's way too adorbs. So I just sit her on my computer, next to her perfect purple shopping bag, and look at all her cuteness instead.”

    Pip Choco Lava
    Pip and Choco Lava!

    What do you think of Season 2 Shopkins TGs? Did you get one with your March issue of TG? Which one did you get? Tell us in the comments below!

  • TG Reveals…Kristy’s Fave Shopkin!

    by TG | Feb 20, 2015

    Kristy is the fashion editor at TG, so she gets to play dress-ups with the most amaze clothes ever. Plus she puts her fash hat on and comes up with all of the cool new trends for you guys to wear!

    Kristy’s fave Shopkin is…

    Cheese Kate Shopkins
    Cheese Kate

    Kristy says: “Not only is Cheese Kate the friendliest Shopkin of them all (ok they're all friendly, I promise), but she is my fave food of all time, CHEESE CAKE, and no I would never eat my BFF. 

    When we hang out we wear matching chocolate and pink cherry headbands, we’re sooo FASHION!!!

    Kristy and Cheese Kate in the fashion cupboard!

    Kristy and Cheese Kate being fashionable in the TG fashion cupboard!

    Have you got your surprise Season 2 Shopkins with the March issue of Total Girl yet? Which one did you get? Tell us in the comments!


    Find out which Season 2 Shopkin TG’s Pip loves the most in the next TG reveals!

  • TG Reveals...Cassie's Fave Shopkin!

    by | Feb 10, 2015

    This week, we’ve got TGs Cassie to tell us her fave little creature. Cassie is editorial coordinator at TG, which means she does all the admin things and super fun stuff like putting together the Totally Embarrassing, TGHQ and Connect pages!

    Cassie’s fave Shopkin is…

    Dollops Shopkins

    Cassie says Dollops is my absolute fave Shopkin because who doesn't love whipped cream?

    I love how happy she is and the pastel purple and yellow colours she wears. Plus, she looks super cute sitting on top of my computer in the TG office. Hooray for Dollops!”

    Cassie and Dollops Shopkins
    Cassie and Dollops!

    Who's your fave Shopkin TGs? Tell us in the comments below!
  • TG Reveals...Claire L's fave Shopkin!

    by | Feb 06, 2015

    In the TG team, Claire L is Deputy Editor, so she’s a kind of word boss: she does heaps of reading, heaps of writing and heaps of checking of everyone else's reading and writing. 

    Claire L’s fave Shopkin is…

    Shopkins Wobbles


    Claire L says I like Wobbles, because as Beyoncé would say, I am ready for this jelly! LOL.

    Wobbles looks very sweet-natured and delicious, but she is a rare jelly in that I don't wish to eat her, I wish to be her friend.

    If Wobbles and I went out somewhere, I think we'd go shopping in the air-conditioning because she'd probs melt outside.”

    Claire Low and Wobbles from Shopkins

    Claire and Wobbles!

    Who’s your fave Shopkin TGs? Why? We want to know! Tell us in the comments below…


    Don’t forget to check next week for the next TG reveal and find out who Cassie’s fave Shopkin is!

  • TG Reveals...Claire S' fave Shopkin!

    by | Jan 30, 2015

    Aren’t Shopkins the cutest? Here at TGHQ we love the collectable creatures so we totes decided we had to share our fave ones with you!


    Claire S is Total Girl’s Editor-in-Chief, so she spends a lot of her time taking care of business at TG mag. Her fave Shopkin:


    Miss Mushy Moo Shopkin

    Miss Mushy Moo!

    Claire says: “Miss Mushy Moo is totally my fave, look at how happy she is! I got her when we first ran Shopkins and I hope I get the green one next time! Best serving of vegetables EVER!”

    Claire S and Miss Mushy Moo

    Miss Mushy Moo and Claire!

    We can’t wait for the next season of Shopkins TGs! Who’s your fave Shopkin and why? Tell us in the comments below!

    Look out for more TG reveals next week and find out which staffer loves Shopkins' Wobbles…