Kung Fu Panda, Joel Adams And Acrobat Yoga!

by Teigan | Apr 26, 2016
Hi Total Girls, 

It has been a busy few months; I feel I have so much to share with you… 
March was the premiere of the newest of the Kung Fu Panda movies, and I had the chance to catch up with Jack Black on the Green Carpet! 

I love arts and crafts and wanted to give Jack a little gift so I made him a noodle man. Yes it is a man made out of noodles!! Jack loved it. 


Our lovely production assistant and I also set to work on a NOODLE CART, take a look and let me know what you think. We were very proud! (haha) 


The carpet was so much fun and I absolutely loved the film. Pandas are one of my favourite animals, when I was little I used to have a toy stuffed panda and I still have him, PANDY is his name! 

Next on my list is to tell you about my music lesson that I had with the talented JOEL ADAMS!!! I had bought a guitar about a year ago and have just never used it, so Joel was kind enough to give me a lesson, let’s just say I need A LOT of practice if I want to be as good as him. 


Now if you didn’t know I love health and wellness and am studying nutrition. I think it is so important to live a healthy lifestyle, so my next story took me inside the digestive system- literally all food must exit the body somewhere, yes you guessed it, we exited the digestive system through the bottom! 


Finally on my list is the wonderful Naomi Sequeira. We chatted about her success living in Liverpool in the UK (HOW TOTALLY AWESOME), where she was the lead in Disney’s Evermoor, we also spoke about her latest single Blank Paper


Now I know that Naomi loves to be active so I invited my two friends, Janine and Chris to give us an Acro-Yoga lesson, there was lots of laughs and a few wobbles but we got there in the end! 


That’s all for now TG’s, stay happy and positive! 

Love T x


  1. 2 Liliane 14 May
    Cool noodle cart! That yoga looked pretty tricky. How do you make a noodle man?

    From Liliane.
  2. 1 eden 20 Jun
    saw that one so brave teegan i watch saturday disney all the time and i love you Candance Nathan and Teegan .


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