Hanging Out With Animals!

by Candice | Nov 30, 2015

Hi Total Girls,

I’m so excited to share my latest adventure with you! I recently travelled to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast to meet the most adorable tiger cub called Kai. Kai was born at Tiger Island on July 2015 and has been growing very quickly – about 1kg a week!

Candice Dixon with Tiger

The highlight of my trip to Dreamworld was bottle feeding little Kai with Patrick, the Tiger Island Manager. He has a bottle three times a day and he absolutely loves it. I held the bottle up and he didn’t want to let go. I felt so lucky to be so close. It was incredible how soft he was and how big his feet were! Can you believe that every tiger in the world is unique, no two tigers have the same set of stripes?! Amazing isn’t it. I wanted Kai to remember me so I gave him a little toy tiger wearing a bow tie and he was very playful as he chewed it. 

Candice With Tiger

I hope to visit Kai again soon; he actually lives at Dreamworld so that he can help people learn all about tigers. I chatted to Patrick on camera and Kai waited very patiently as if he was listening. The most important fact I learnt was that there are less than 3000 tigers left in the world. It’s so important that we keep learning all about these incredible creatures to protect them.

Candice With Tiger

While I was at Dreamworld, I also visited some of the other locals including gorgeous twin bilbies. There’s so much to learn about these endangered animals. One thing I noticed was that they had very long claws which assist them in digging their burrows.  They take shelter in their burrows to escape the heat of the day as they usually live in desert areas. I’d love to learn more about these interesting and adorable little guys.

Candice with Bilby

My final stop was at the baby dingoes.  I was lucky enough to feed them and even take them for a walk around the park.  A dingo’s colour is determined by where it lives (for example, golden yellow dingoes are found in sandy areas) and they are found all over Australia, except in Tasmania.

Candice with Dingo

Until next time, keep smiling!

Love Candice xx

Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  


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