New Katy Perry Song And Clip

by TG's Aaron | Feb 15, 2019
Hey TGs,

Happy Friday to you all!

There is no better way to celebrate the best day of the week than with some new music. Our gal Katy is back better than ever with a new song. OMTG! We haven't heard much from kween Perry since 2017's Witness. 

The song is a collaboration with Russian-German producer Zedd and we can confirm that it this track is as amazing as its accompanying music video.

In the clip, Katy is an AI robot that is sent to live with a human (Zedd). Robo Katy gets inspo from humanity, wanting to be more like them and does her very best to become one. It's totally something out of a movie and with all these new advancements in Artificial Intelligence IRL, it could be a sneak peek into the not-too-distant-future.

Try not to get to sad with the ending!

One thing we love about this clip is the futuristic costume designs. Check out the scientists glasses! Do you think we might see fashion trends taking a turn in that direction in the new few years?

Anyway, we love the song and hope we get more Katy collabs real soon, or at least another new album on the horizon.

What did you think of the clip, TGs? Let me know in the comments below :)



  1. 8 Sarah 15 Feb
    Katy's new song is quite interesting as always I love her voice and how she is different to other singers by coming up with new and different sounds and tunes to her music. For the music video it was good, a little confusing for a while but you get the idea of the song and the music together after a while. The ending was a little sad but not too sad.
  2. 7 TG's Aaron 25 Feb
    Thanks for your input, Sarah! Glad you like it. It's a great short story!
  3. 6 Jemma 06 Mar
  4. 5 Marnie 11 Apr
    This music video is my second favourite of Katy’s (first being Hey Hey Hey). I love how her recent videos have a story to them and it takes you a bit to remember that it’s a music video not a mini movie! 
  5. 4 Eleonora 15 Apr
    At first i didn't understand it but thats accutally really sad
  6. 3 Eliza 16 Apr
    OMG i cried so hard at the end LOVED IT THO
  7. 2 Eleonora 20 Apr
    so cool but sooooo sad
  8. 1 Audrey 08 Jun
    I liked it and also was sad


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