I went to Taylor Swift’s concert!

by Maria | Dec 01, 2015

Hi TGs!


My name’s Maria and I’m the senior sub-editor for Total Girl – I’m making a special blog appearance because I had the awesome luck to go to Tay’s AMAZING concert in Sydney!!!

Pam and Maria at Taylor Swift

I was SO EXCITED before the big day! I got there early with my friend Pam (on the left) and we spent the whole build-up to the concert bopping along to the opening act Vance Joy and talking about all the things we love about Tay. When we walked into ANZ Stadium in Sydney we were given a wristband each that ended up lighting up at the same time as everyone else’s at the concert the whole way through. It was like magic!

Taylor Swift concert

Tay opened with “Welcome to New York” and everyone at the stadium knew they were in for a good time! She sang pretty much EVERY song from 1989, including my faves “Blank Space” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay”. She also threw it back and sang “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Love Story”! Weeeeee!


Her voice and dancing was PERFECT and her costumes were seriously so pretty – she even played guitar and keyboard for us. She talked a lot about how much she loved all her fans and important lessons on loving yourself and not letting other people put you down! She also played clips on the big screens of people like Selena Gomez and Haim talking about their friendship with her. She even put up clips of her cats Olivia and Meredith which was like, my fave part! LOL!


Tay ended the show with “Shake It Off” and EVERYONE was dancing. I can confidently say all 76,000 of us had THE BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!

Taylor Swift stadium


Did you go to the concert? What was your fave bit? Let me know in the comments below!


Lots of love, Maria. x


  1. 12 Sophie 02 Dec
    I went. My fave part was everything, but I really enjoyed How You Get The Girl. Taylor's dress glowed! The wristbands were awesome, so was the food we had before, ha!
  2. 11 Zoe 02 Dec
    I went to the concert and It was AMAZ! I had such a good time and loved dancing and screaming to all my favourite songs! 
  3. 10 TG's Maria 03 Dec
    OMG Sophie, her glowing dress was so cool! We were wondering if we could buy one too, just for special occasions ;).

    It was great, wasn't it Zoe! My throat was sore the next day from singing so much, haha.
  4. 9 Brianna 06 Dec
    BOOOOWHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I said "Mum next time could you cut the mushrooms up," my mum said I couldn't go to the concert
  5. 8 Ade 06 Dec
    I went best moment of my life just let me say that #⃣Mind blowing experience 
    my fave bit was shake it off at the end!!!
  6. 7 Lovato 07 Dec
    Aww, lucky! Too bad I live in NZ! #FingersCrossedThatTayToursNZ!
  7. 6 Charlotte 30 Dec
    I went in Adelaide for the 2nd time and this was the best it was sooooooooo good I LOVE TAYLOR sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much #1989worldtour
  8. 5 T- SWIZZLE 12 Jan
    OMTG! Tay is the best isn't she? #1989worldtour!
  9. 4 Sophie 21 Jan
    Thanks, TG's Maria, I have never had anyone reply!!!!!!!! #SwiftieFriends/ friends through Swift
  10. 3 Cassie the marine biolegest 28 Jan
    I loooooooooooooooooooove Tay!!
    Charlotte, Sophie, T-SWIZZLE, Lovato, Ade, Brianna, Zoe, Maria, she is so awesome!!
  11. 2 GG Is Me Me 05 May
    OMTG I went to the concert it  amze!  saw her straight coz we were on row R! We even bought a fun wrap! My little sis who was 5 at the time, fell asleep and then complained, '' ITS 2 LOUD! '' Im turning 11 on December 9th and her bday is a week after mine! Also if u like Tay Tay you wil probs like Hailee Steinfeild whose born on the 10 or 11! Lots o love, Taylors number 1 fan. P.S I would do anything to meet her and actually talk to her!
  12. 1 Mackenzie 25 Mar


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