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National Pet Adoption Month 2021!

National Pet Adoption Month 2021!

We love rescue pets, here's how you can help!

Hi TGs!

Did you guys know that March 2021 is National Pet Adoption Month?

There are so many cool animal rescue groups and pet organisations that are dedicated to the 'adopt don't shop' initiative. 

If you want to find out more, the team at PETStock Assist will have pet adoption experts (and rescue pets!) available in selected stores this month. They are working with local rescue groups to help educate others about the importance of pet adoption.

This includes helping those who are looking to become pet owners, find a pet that is best suited to their lifestyle and to help get rid of any negative stereotypes about pets up for adoption! (And believe us, there are many silly myths surrounding rescue pets).


One big myth is that all rescue pets are old, which is totes not true at all! Pets in shelters come in all sizes, ages and shapes! You can learn out more about pet adoption in the March issue of Total Girl, out now, where we bust some of the biggest rescue pet myths! 


There are many ways to help out homeless pets without adopting, such as donating to your local animal shelter, or even fostering a pet! This is perf if you want to trial the responsibility of having your own li’l, super cute pet. But make sure you are ready, because being a pet owner is a big responsibility.


Remember, adopt, don't shop! 

by Bek
Rebekah, a.k.a Bek, is a sleepy gal who loves goss, movies, music, social media and beauty! She also loves animals, except for crocodiles ‘cause they’re hard to run away from and they’re always hangry. Bek is also a Gryffindor, so be brave and leave a comment! yip yip!


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I really want a pet bird for my birthday which is in march by the way
18/12/2021 3:18:41 PM
Hey why do my comments never get registered. I have 5 cats i want a pomeranian though
15/11/2021 1:46:03 PM
17/10/2021 1:58:00 PM
I SOOO want a dogo
14/10/2021 10:11:38 AM
OMTG! I am about to get a kitten! 🐱
10/10/2021 11:13:30 AM
I just got a pet guinea pigs from the shelter
29/9/2021 9:44:01 AM
aww I hope I can have a pet
25/9/2021 8:00:59 PM
I want to have a bunny, fish or cat.
17/9/2021 1:11:30 PM
I miss my pet…
10/9/2021 10:18:40 AM
I adopted a bunny rabbit called Roscha. Her mum was found on the side of a road and she was born inside the RSPCA animal shelter. I love her!
7/9/2021 10:29:27 AM
So sad I can't get one of these cuties. Road to busy for outdoor cat, and Mum doesn't want an indoor cat. We already have two dogs.
19/8/2021 7:48:29 PM
OMG! I have a cat named Miskey and I would love for her to be in one of your mags TG!!
19/8/2021 5:29:58 PM
OMG I have a cat called Milky!!! I really want to be featured in one of tgs mags
24/7/2021 1:38:41 PM
I have a Dalmatian puppy but he's not a rescue.
19/7/2021 2:07:30 PM
So sad
14/7/2021 6:44:34 PM
Omg that’s so sad
10/7/2021 9:55:29 PM
I'm sorry for you Ruth
7/7/2021 7:51:07 PM
I just got a rescue cat!Shes a tabby called Tokiko!!!Shes 11 weeks old and has white tipped paws!!!!!adorbs!
7/7/2021 7:50:15 PM
Yip yip
26/6/2021 1:03:53 PM
I really want a pet cat or dog but my mum is allergic to their hair.
6/5/2021 4:28:37 PM
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