What you need:
  • Box with heatshape cut-out
  • White glittered paper
  • Pink glittered paper
  • Pink adhesive gems
  • Glittery stickers 
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 
* All materials available from Spotlight.


Step 1
  • Trace and cut
Jewellery Box Step 1
  • Place the box on it's side over the white paper trace a line around the edge of the panel and repeat until you have four even squares. 
  • Remove the lid and place it on the pink paper. 
  • Trace each edge just as you did for the box. 
  • Cut the panels out.

Step 2 - Make your lid
Jewellery Box Step 2
  • To create the lid, remove the heart insert from the lid. 
  • Using the heart insert as a template cut a piece of pink glitter paper the same size. 
  • Glue the pink paper to inside of box lid so that the pink glitter paper is shown through the heart cut out. 
  • Place the lid face down on wrong side of white glitter paper and trace around the edge and inside the heart. 
  • Cut out the square and the heart and stick onto the outside of lid.

Step 3 - Glue it up
Jewellery Box Step 3
  • Glue the white glitter paper squares to the outside of the box and the white glitter paper cut out to the top of the lid. 
  • Glue the pink glitter paper rectangles to the edges of the lid. 
  • Leave them to dry.

Step 4 - Go glam!

Jewellery Box Step 4
  • Now you can decorate! Stick strips of clear bling to the edge of the lid; you can trim the strips to fit. 
  • Cut sections of pink bling and stick to sides of box and top of lid. 
  • Add stickers and gems then push down to make sure they are secure.