What You Need (we found our supplies at Spotlight!)
  • Glue gun 
  • Glue sticks 
  • Bottle or jar 
  • Tape 
  • Paint 
  • Paintbrush 
  • Pencil
What to do:

Bottle Step 1
Step 1: Using a pencil or marker, lightly write your message across the middle of the jar. 

Bottle Step 2
Step 2: Insert a glue stick into the glue gun and once heated carefully trace over the word with glue. It can be a bit tricky, so practice writing on a piece of paper first, take your time and keep a steady hand. Leave to dry for 10 minutes.

Bottle Step 3
Step 3: Horizontally tape up over the message (roughly three rows of masking tape right around the bottle). Paint around the tape until the bottle is completely coloured in. Once dry, remove the masking tape. 

Bottle Step 4
Step 4: Using a different colour, paint over the stripe with your message.