Halloween is October 31, 2013 - time to get your costume sorted!

This easy DIY Halloween mask doesn't have to be scary - it can be colourful, girly or funny! Celebrate Halloween however you want!

What you need: 

  • A plain mask. You can buy these at your local craft shop or Spotlight in loads of different shapes and sizes.
  • Colourful paper, glitter, doilies, textas, even coloured tin foil - you can get really creative with unexpected mask materials!
  • Craft glue.
  • A piece of white paper and coloured pencils.
What to do:

  1. Sketch out a few ideas on your piece of paper. This is an important step - you don't want to get halfway through your mask and not like what you've done!

    Here's a few ideas from TGHQ:
    - Animal. Try a cat, dog, tiger, koala
    - Multicolour Madness. Try dividing the mask into quarters and covering each quarter with a different colour.
    - Starlight. Try a dark blue background with tinsel, glitter or tinfoil stars.
    - Black & White. Try black spots on a white background, like a Dalmation!

  2. Prep your materials. Trace the shapes you want onto your coloured paper and cut them out carefully. Pour the exact amount of glitter you need into a little container (maybe ask for your 'rent's help), etc.

  3. Carefully apply glue to the back of your materials e.g. paper, ribbons, doilies. Usually you only need a few dots! Glitter is the exception here - apply a touch of glue to the mask and sprinkle the glitter on!

  4. Apply your materials to the mask, pressing them carefully into place.

  5. Leave your mask to dry. Usually it will say how long on the back of the glue bottle, but to be safe overnight is usually long enough.

  6. Ta da! Or should we say, "Boo!"