Ice cool dyeing! Create your own freeze-dyed singlet or shorts with Dylon.

Freeze-dyed stylish summer girls shorts!

What you need:

  • A white item of clothing
  • A bucket of ice cubes
  • Another empty bucket
  • 3 x Dylon Fabric Dyes
  • A hammer
  • A drip tray
  • Rubber gloves
  • A dust mask
  • A small bowl

What to do:
  1. With your mum or dad’s help, crush up some ice in a bucket with a hammer.

  2. Place the item of clothing you want to dye on a drip tray over the bucket.

  3. Pile the ice onto the item of clothing and press all over to pack it in tightly.

  4. Wearing rubber gloves and a mask to cover your mouth and nose, carefully cut open the dye sachets (we used Sunflower Yellow, Bahama Blue and Amazon Green Dylon Hand Dye) and pour the dye into a small bowl.

  5. Gently sprinkle the dye onto the ice-covered item of clothing.

  6. Watch as the ice melts away. This may take a few hours or even overnight, depending on the weather.

  7. Rinse the item of clothing in cold running water. Outside on the grass under the hose in the shade is ideal – then you can wash out the buckets at the same time.

  8. Dry your newly dyed item away from direct heat and sun, then warm wash with a teaspoon of very gentle detergent that’s kind to colours.

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