Check out the Rainbow Heart and Tape-tacular book covers below to brighten up your school stationery!

Rainbow Heart

Grab some brown paper and cut a big heart into it.
2. Get some sheets of coloured paper and cut them into equally sized strips.
3. In one direction, stick the strips of each colour next to one other on one side of the heart (don't worry if the paper overlaps the heart's edges).
4. Once you've used one set of strips for each colour, stick another set again in a different direction. Keep doing this until the heart is full.
5. Flip the brown paper over and wrap it onto your book!


1. Buy four different printed tapes.
2. One by one, stick a strip on the book to make a line and cut the tape at the edge of the book.
3. Keep working down the book and alternate between the different tapes as you go.

How do you usually decorate your books TGs? Tell us in the comments below!