What You Need 

  • Coloured clay
  • Coloured craft string
  • Metal jewellery circle
  • Clear nail polish
  • Black pen
  • Knife 


What To Do:

Step 1: Separately roll six colours of clay into sausage lengths and then bend each piece into a small arch to form a rainbow. Cut any excess strands at the ends for an even rainbow.

Step 2: Roll six small white balls then flatten three into a triangle shape to form clouds on either end of the rainbow.

Step 3: Cut the rainbow in half. On the back of each piece press a metal jewellery circle into the top so that ¾ of the circle is visible from the top.

Step 4:
Place in the oven at 120c for 20 minutes. Once dry, apply clear nail polish for a glossy finish and thread onto the craft string.