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Which Baby-Sitters Club Member is your Fave?

Which Baby-Sitters Club Member is your Fave?

Which Baby-Sitters Club Member is your Fave?
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Which member of The Baby-Sitters Club is your Fave?
Claudia Kishi
Stacy McGill
Mary Anne Spier
Dawn Schafer
Kristy Thomas

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I am a TOTAL mix of Claudia (coz im artistic and creative), Dawn (coz im individualistic) and Kristy (i can be pretty bossy and am LOVIN' that messy ponytail, haha).
3/3/2021 3:04:11 PM
I love,Claudia! Her way of Art is just like me! I love creating and painting! And her fashion! #BabySittersClub! #BabySitters!
27/2/2021 12:16:02 PM
I think I'm a mix of Claudia, Kristy, and Dawn. Claudia because I'm artistic and creative, Kristy because I like being in charge, and Dawn because she's so amazing and down-to-earth like me! but, where's Mallory? ;-;
25/2/2021 8:56:43 AM
Stacey=So cute she has amazing fashion
24/2/2021 8:06:21 PM
Stacey! I love her fasion!
23/2/2021 3:00:13 PM
Stacey! She is so beautiful and she has short blond hair like me
21/2/2021 4:06:44 PM
I love Claudia very amazing
20/2/2021 3:23:22 PM
Dawn she is so down to earth and so passionate I LOVE her I think I’m a mix of Kristy because I love to take charge and Dawn because I love animals and the environment
20/2/2021 3:09:19 PM
Stacey! I love her fasion!
15/2/2021 4:29:30 PM
Claudia is the best!! Not just because she has the same name as me but because she loves art!!!!!!!
14/2/2021 10:57:35 AM
Marian because she is like me
12/2/2021 4:40:37 PM
Omg! Claudia She’s the BEST!!! So fashionable and popular, but kind as well. πŸ’– Love All Of The BSC though!
8/2/2021 8:47:50 AM
CLAUD AND KRISTY!!! I feel like they are such opposites and that’s why i πŸ’œ them!!
4/2/2021 6:00:50 PM
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