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Magic Mix up activity (SPOILERS: answers revealed!)

Magic Mix up activity (SPOILERS: answers revealed!)

SPOILER ALERT! Did you un-mix the magic mix up? Below are the answers for the crossword on page 18 in the October mag!

Hi TGs! 💖

ABRACADABRA! The answers have been revealed for our extra spesh puzzle found on page 18 in the October mag!

This activity features the ✨mystical creatures✨ known as the Magic Mixies and they're saaah cute. How did you go? Let us know in the comments! 

For more fun puzzles, pick up a copy of the new mag! The October issue of Total Girl magazine is out now and comes with a FREE Zoobles Animal Collectible. 

Click here for a sneak peek! 



It was really fun
16/10/2021 4:28:09 PM
I think it was super fun
9/10/2021 6:17:57 AM
I think it was super fun
9/10/2021 6:17:56 AM
This is my favorite animal it's a turtle 🐢.
9/10/2021 6:04:06 AM
I think its an amazing eperience
25/9/2021 7:39:00 PM
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