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i <3 TG - Sophie l love to watch Desendants l love sofia carson shes the best shes a good singer everey body likes dove but l like sofia carson desendants is the best movie - abby I love you guys! - Abby Your mags are so great!!! I have read your mags for 2 years my fav part is creative corner never stop making you awesome mags - Natalie Hi! I'm a huge fan! :) I hope I could be in your mag one day! :) - Evie I have only been collecting these for 6 months and I have 5 1 no fan sophia - Sophia love your mags - betty OMTG I LOVE your magazines! They are amazing and I am always excited to read them! Bye! Keep up the good work! - Charlotte ~✨✨Stay safe and healthy!! Go get some excercise and drink LOTS and LOTS of water!! <33 ✨✨~ - Carrie <3 omg what do i do ive lost my mag with me in omtg!!!!! - Sophie
Knight watch: Sam Kerr spot the difference (SPOILERS: Answers Revealed!)

Knight watch: Sam Kerr spot the difference (SPOILERS: Answers Revealed!)

Go the Knights!

There's a new striker in town, YOU! 

Did you spot all nine differences on page 28 in the January mag? 

Check your answers with the results below! If you haven't done the puzzle yet, be sure to grab a copy of the January mag first! 

For more fun activities and puzzles, get your copy of the January issue of Total Girl magazine, out now! Retail copies of the January mag come with a FREE limited-edition TG Charm Bracelet - with a cute TG engraving.  😍 ✨

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