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DIY Rope Writing Decorations

DIY Rope Writing Decorations

Spell out your inspiration with this DIY idea!

What you need:

  • Glue gun (always ask your 'rents for help using this)
  • Colourful, thin rope
  • PVA glue

What to do:

  1. Lay down newspaper to protect the surface you're working on.
  2. Using a glue gun, start by shaping the rope into any word that you wish, like ‘love’ or ‘happy’. Be careful you don't glue the rope to the newspaper!
  3. At each point where the rope crosses over itself, put a dot of hot glue to fix the letter in place. Leave to dry.
  4. Using a brush, paint PVA glue over the top. This will stiffen the rope and keep it in place.
  5. Leave to dry, and voila! Your rope writing is done!


You could glue the word to a canvas to make a wall decoration 4 your room
7/7/2014 5:37:57 AM
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