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DIY: Butterfly Party Lights

DIY: Butterfly Party Lights

Fill your room with a magical glow of enchanting butterfly lights!


Crayola Creations:
  • Party Lights pack
  • Metallic Coloured Pencils
  • Glitter Markers



Step 1: Using the Metallic Pencils and Glitter Markers, colour in the paper lanterns and inserts. Try making different patterns and colour combs for a standout look.


Step 2
: Remove the cut out bits from the lanterns and pair up with inserts.

Step 3:
Glue the inserts and lanterns and fold in half ensuring the tabs match up at the top. Fold each tab over so that one overlaps the other and the holes line up.

Step 4:
With the help of mum or dad, unwind the light cords and separate the lights. Gently push the light down through the holes so the bulb is inside the butterfly and the tabs are up against the rim.

**All matreials available at Big W, Kmart and Toys "R" Us

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