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i really like the shout outs everyone it brightns up my day thanks everyone who likes to give a shout out - Sophie We are not alone in this locdown! keep shining, TG's - Carissa I just started collecting these today and they are absolutely amazing 😊 - Annabelle For Live who always supports me and keeps my secrets. We have so much fun together 😁❤️- Ally - Ally Great mags tg - Penny love u tg - Isabel Omg - Eva hpoe you got my email TG - Sophie I love total girl can you make a mag about a series of unfortunate events! - Anastasia Hi tg! I would love it if you started giving away clothes gift cards Love Amellia - Amellia


cool Hi LOL
27/7/2015 6:04:56 AM
hey i like the butterfly lol
8/2/2015 8:35:08 PM
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Which Animated Disney Character Would You Be?
Without a doubt, TG's Jessie
I can't decide between Elsa and Anna
Supergirl warrior, Mulan
Sea princess, Ariel
Flying Tinkerbell
Rapunzel with her super long hair