The Greatest Showman premiere with Zendaya

by TG's Claire | Dec 21, 2017
Hey TGs!

Last night I went to THE COOLEST premiere. Legit, it was probably the biggest (or should I say GREATEST?) one I've ever been to! THE GREATEST SHOWMAN'S AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE IN SYDNEY AT THE STAR!

Haha. Getting a touch theatrical over here. 

I got there and there was a huge red carpet and crystal and flowers and everything. Here I am on the red carpet! I had to take all my stuff from TGHQ and everything, LOL.

Claire at The Greatest Showman

Guess who else was there? Three huge movie stars: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and TG ultimate dream gal and star of our January cover (on sale now!), the one and only Zendaya. And she was in a magical butterfly dress. Stunning!

Zendaya at The Greatest Showman
Photography Getty Images

Once we were inside the big, plush theatre. Z, Zac and Hugh took some questions from the emcee, Osher Gunsberg. And here's a bit about what they said:

ZAC: Zac said he had to "elevate to this guy's [Hugh Jackman's] level." The pair of them have a song and dance number in a bar, and Zac assured us the drinks are just Gatorade. Based on the colour, though, I'm pretty sure they were water. Haha!

ZENDAYA: Z was complimented on her romantic duet with Zac, 'Rewrite the Stars'. "It's about changing your own future," she said, adding that we all need to rewrite the stars when things are not as they ideally would be. Also, 'This Is Me' is her fave of all the songs (it IS pretty stunning and fierce). 

HUGH: Hugh said he'd loved to entertain, perform and tell stories since he was a kid at Pymble Public School. He added the movie was about all types of families - the ones we have, and the ones we somehow find. 

OK! The movie! Watch it for sure - you'll defs get swept away by how exciting it is, how grand and spectacular. The visuals are completely stunning and every song and each dance is done incredibly well (Z is breathtaking). It does feel a lot like actually being at the circus - intense, exhilarating and a heap of fun. And it has wonderful messages about accepting yourself for who you are and the world having to just deal because you are you - and the things that make you different might be the best things of all.

Don't forget to pick up January's Total Girl with Zendaya on the cover! Newsstand copies come with TWO free gifts - Shopkins World Vacation earphones, plus an Artline Stix pen. 

Are you going to see The Greatest Showman? Let me know in the comments what you think! 

xo Claire

P.S: OMTG, just a few more sleeps until Santa gets here! That is, for all of you who celebrate Christmas (and if you don't, I hope you have a good summer and fun holiday season too). I hope you've had a great year and enjoy a break and some time with your friends and fam. 


  1. 7 Zara 08 Jan
    I am going to see this movie! I am sooooo excited, pluis wher eis the star? Is it that hotel in Pyrmont?
    I cannot believe clare met zac ! plus zendaya (strong girl) and hugh!
  2. 6 Zoe 11 Jan
    I love zendaya she is my idol and when I saw the greatest showman I screamed and cryed whenever I saw her in the movie 
  3. 5 isabella 11 Jan
    i have seen the Greatest showman and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing
  4. 4 Sami 15 Jan
    OMTG! I saw The Greatest Showman and I loved it x 1000000000000!!!!!!! Z totes slayed her character and Zac Efron is so handsome, I love Hugh, he’s so awesome, like his friend Nicole Kidman!!!!!!!!
  5. 3 Callie 16 Jan
    I went to See the movie. BEST MOVIE EVERRRRR!❤❤❤❤ PEOPLE GO AND SEE IT!!! ITS AMAZING!!!!
  6. 2 Georgia 23 Jan
    I saw the Greatest Showman too with my bestie Millie! IT was SOOO GOOOD!! Also I LOVE Zendaya she is like my FAV!!!
  7. 1 Georgia 23 Jan
    Hi Guys!
    Also have you seen Zendaya is Zapped?
    You need to!


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